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Hummus March 23, 2010

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-2cups zucchini

-1 garlic clove

-4tbspn Tahini

-2tbspn lemon juice

-2tbspn olive oil

-2tbspn parsley

Throw all ingredients in food processor until desired consistency is reached! Serve with some flax or hemp seed crackers!


2 Responses to “Hummus”

  1. Lisa Tubolino Says:

    Hey Mariesa…did you use Raw Tahini or just organic ? I could not find raw tahini when I was looking,I also could not find cold pressed olive oil,just flax oil…any suggestion’s ?

    • eyeofraw Says:

      i just used organic Tahini. When recipes call for oil i just use Extra Virgin. most recipes call for such a little amount, i don’t feel the need to go online and shop for these products raw. however, there are some recipes to make your own raw Tahini. i haven’t tried any yet, but when i do i will post it!

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