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Being Vegan/ Vegetarian March 24, 2010

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So, being a raw foodist it is not possible for me to use animal products because they all need to be cooked in some way for their consumption. I also have a tough time consuming them with out a guilty conscious knowing what happens to them in factory farms and all. I have studied the issue greatly and it is terrible what happens.

Deciding not to use animal products was quite easy for me, and i dont miss it one bit. I didnt realize the ridicule it would bring. People are constantly debating me on the issue and telling me i am “stupid” or “wrong” or many other names that i prefer not to mention. Why is this such a big deal? Are we striking a nerve? Why are we brought up in a society that raises us to believe we need meat survive? Why is it ok to abstain for religious reasons, but not for your own moral reasons?

Please post below your reason for being vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, and also, what are some of your “horror” stories behind holding one of these titles? Please keep comments nice, and lets not “bash” one another for our different beliefs. Thanks!

Nana: Mariesa, you need to eat meat to be healthy.

Me: Why did you eat meat a lot growing up? (shes the healthiest 86 year old i’ve ever met)

Nana: No. We were vegetarian. We ate legumes.

This is why I love my grandma 🙂


10 Responses to “Being Vegan/ Vegetarian”

  1. conradvisionquest Says:

    why am i vegan? just watch the trailer for “earthlings.” when i first came out to people, some of the responses were:
    “You don’t eat meat? But you’ll DIE!” and the ever-popular “But what do you eat?”
    great post!

    • eyeofraw Says:

      watched earthlings just now. well, my head was turned or my dreads were in front of my eyes most the time. i cried in the first 5 mins and shut it off when it came to clothing. if anyone has any questions about Veganism, or is thinking of becoming vegan, they should watch this movie first, and then decide. i believe it is available on you tube, posted in multiple parts.

  2. TreeHee Says:

    I choose not to consume meat because of my deep love and respect for animals and nature. I will not contribute to the torture of animals. I knew growing up that there was guilt there for a reason and I did what was in my heart. I do not miss meat nor do I regret my decision, very easy transition for me!!

    Great Blog by the way!! This is awesome!!

  3. Adam and Eve did not eat meat.. All Fresh got a long life. The truth is you can still live witout meat. Its all about right mindsetting! Raw food Rocks! Check my blog…

    Gabriel Azoulay

  4. Krys Says:

    I became vegetarian first and then vegan several months later. Once I knew the truth about the suffering that goes into every animal product, I couldn’t enjoy eating them anymore. I love being able to feel good about eating for the first time in my life.
    You’re very right about vegans striking a nerve with non-vegans. It makes people uncomfortable to be reminded that what they’re eating is subsidized cruelty. For many people, the easiest “quick fix” to the discomfort of that situation is to ridicule the vegan.
    I think I could roughly divide my friends and family into thirds. One third curious and respectful, one third disinterested or merely finding me strange, and one third mocking or criticizing my decision.
    There’s a great video on YouTube by porolita22 about this. It’s called The hardest thing about being vegan?, and I really think she’s right. Eating plants is easy. Putting up with the hatefulness of certain animal eaters is the hard part. But enduring ignorant and vicious comments now and then is nothing compared to what animals go through for those people.

  5. David Says:

    It’s kinda sad to say, but my reason for going vegetarian are purely selfish (in the beginning anyway). I work on the Cardiac floor of a hospital. Over the past 2 years I’ve noticed a 3 common denominators of the patients that come there.

    1. Overweight
    2. Poor diet (high in sat. fat, fried, meat)
    3. Lack of exercise

    There is a history of heart disease in my family (dad has had 2 bypass surgeries & his heart functions at only 30% capacity now). So wanting to avoid being a patient on my floor I did some research & found that a vegetarian diet is the ONLY medically proven way to reverse clogged arteries WITHOUT surgery. Since then I’ve watched “Food Inc.” and am now even more glad I’ve made the change. For those that are interested I blogged about it here: http://bit.ly/Vegetarian_101. Which includes a link to the Dr. who has clinically proven the results.

  6. BillCherryJr Says:

    The idea of being vegan always appealed to me even though i had no idea what it was. (wtf?) In other-words, I conformed to my peers. I went on and off vegetarian and strict vegetarian diets for years. But always “pulled a Bob” out of sheer convenience and social pressure. It wasn’t until i met my fiance that I made the move 100% cold turkey(so to speak). So there is something to be said for a support system.
    My veganism pretty much springs from the teachings of the Catholic Church. Which may seem a bit of a paradox, but the underlying current of compassion and mercy is there in the teachings. That is the sort of stuff I am attempting to explore on my blog. It truly is a pro-life position. I do not mean that in the political sense, (liberal vs conservative). It is simply against my principles to kill, unless its self defense.

    • eyeofraw Says:

      it is funny you mention church.. a few Sundays ago i was at church and the pastor was talking about his McDonald’s breakfast burrito he gets every Sunday morning. I looked around to see if anyone else thought something was wrong with what he was saying. Why doesn’t pro-life extend to animals? It definitely got under my skin.

  7. Becky Says:

    I’m a new vegetarian and I started about 4 months ago. I stopped eating pigs and cows about 7 years ago and wanted to be a vegetarian but was SO afraid to change that it kept me in limbo for years. Afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it, afraid of the challenge I would get from family/friends. Silliness! I love animals..and eating them became more and more difficult. Finally, I watched Food, Inc. and just couldn’t do it anymore. I announced to my partner – I’m going veg and received her full support, although she is a meat eater herself! I don’t miss meat at all and I feel so much better. However – I’m eating more ‘fake’ vegetarian foods, so I’m very much looking forward to my counseling session tonight with Mariesa! I’ve said…I’m vegetarian, but I probably won’t go as far as vegan….but now…I’m actually considering raw!? Stranger things have happened! wow..that will totally freak out my Mother-in-law. She’d be a mess having no clue what to do with me when I am visiting.
    It wasn’t that long ago that I learned about what China does to dogs and cats for their fur. I cried for days and told everyone I knew. We can hide from so much – because it’s difficult to hear and to know what is really going on. I just couldn’t hide any longer. So many people just don’t WANT to know what is done to their ‘food’ – and by food I mean the helpless animals that are tortured and slaughtered every day for our consumption. I’m happy to say that even though my partner is a meat eater still – she consumes far less than ever before and maybe with more information and a little more prompting from me…well, again..stranger things have happened. I know one thing for sure – she’s getting more fruits and veggies than at any other time in her life!

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