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Request Recipes Here! March 29, 2010

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Post any recipe request you want to see raw/vegan/gluten free!!! i will do my best to come up with something! i loveeee experimenting!


5 Responses to “Request Recipes Here!”

  1. Mary Jean Says:

    Hi Mariesa,
    What about some ideas for broccoli, besides just raw? I think I read somewhere that marinating the veggies helps release their digestive enzymes, but now I cannot find where I thought I read that. Is it true? And, if so, where can I find more information about preparing raw foods beyond just recipes so I can adapt things on my own.? Thanks Mary Jean

    • eyeofraw Says:

      When you marinate vegetables they tend to get softer. The longer you marinate them the softer they will get. Also, some vegetables get softer in the dehydrator before they start to crisp up, like mushrooms. They get really soft after 1-2 hours and then they will begin to dry out. I LOVE raw broccoli. i marinate it will garlic, lemon juice/zest, crushed red peppers.. and a bunch of spices from my pantry! I like to make salads with it too but thats only when im in a boring mood! haha.

  2. JoAnne Says:

    I was watching your video on making “coffee.” Is this recipe written down anywhere? I would like to try it!

    • eyeofraw Says:

      I just posted a quick ingredient list underneath the video for you and everyone else who has asked! sorry i did not include it to begin with!!


  3. tammy doty Says:

    theres a bannana choclate pie that i think u made at green planet can i get that recipie please? and ohhh what about the cheesecake made with cashews? and u topped with
    blueberries? u are amazing!! miss u at the green planet!!!

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