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The Most Amazing Flavorful Pasta Dish! July 9, 2010

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-3 Zucchini

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Hemp Oil

-2 Garlic Cloves


-Sugar Snap Peas

-Red/Yellow/Orange Baby Peppers



-Scallions or Onion Slice



-Sea Salt



Peel Zucchini and discard skin.  Continue to peel it to make the noodles for the dish. Place in a bowl with some EVOO or Hemp Oil and a sea salt. Set aside.

Take fresh spinach and put in a bowl. Put s few tablespoons of your oil, sea salt to taste, and a minced garlic clove over the top and mix it together. Set in the sun. If the Sun is not available, keep stirring it until it starts to wilt. (about a minute)

Chop up all your veggies and put in another bowl. Add salt, oil, oregano, parsley, and basil. Mix well.

Add the wilted spinach the the vegetables and mix.

Add the veggies to the top of the noodles. Top with some more fresh basil and come crushed red pepper! ENJOY!


2 Responses to “The Most Amazing Flavorful Pasta Dish!”

  1. This pasta looks amazing. I am def going to have to try this recipe! I’ve trying to make raw pasta but haven’t had a chance to pick up a vegetable spiralizer, your idea of using a vegetable peeler is ingenious!


  2. Yumm- it’s beautiful and looks delicious!

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