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What Are YOU Drinking?!?!?!?!?!?! January 3, 2011

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Many of us stress over our food intake, and make sure we are only putting in the best of the best into our bodies, I know i do. But when is the last time you have thought about your water? Are you putting the best of the best water into your body? Most of us dont, as we are uneducated on water. These next few paragraphs will help educate and help you decide if you are drinking the best of the best– and what exactly you are drinking… Water or Liquid?

Water was the first thing to be on the planet. No matter what history you believe in, creation, evolution etc, water was the first element to come. We are made up of mostly water, as is our planet. It is one of the most vital things in everything created and has been around for thousands of years. Water has intelligence. It also has memory. A lot of things that make our very computer run are components that are water based.  It has the ability to communicate with other cells and tell them what to do. So think about this. When you are drinking the best water ever, one that actually has minerals, has a memory of positive things, and has extreme intelligence, when it is put into your body, it communicates that with your cells and allows your body to function and hydrate properly! However, the majority of us are not doing this.

The Liquid From Your Faucet:

That liquid most of us refer to as water that comes from our faucet is highly contaminated with the worst pollutants of all. The number one contaminant in your tap liquid is actually toilet paper, since they recycle what you flush back into the “water” supply. This leads to the second highest contaminant, Drugs. This happens in three ways:

  1. People who are using prescription or illegal drugs urinate, flush the toilet and that gets recycled
  2. People do not use all of their prescription medications and flush the remainder down the toilet
  3. People flush illegal drugs down the toilet

On top of the contaminants that we ourselves are putting into our water, there are the ones that are being dumped by our governments. Lets start with Chlorine:

  • This gets put into our water supply to kill bacteria. Obviously, this is something that needs to happen since we are recycling toilet water. If this did not happen we would all be very sick. But that does not mean it is safe for us to ingest.
  • Chlorine is very toxic. If you were to put your finger into straight chlorine it would severely burn you. Drinking it will burn us from the inside out!
  • Chlorine was used during World War I as a choking (pulmonary) agent.
  • Chlorine is highly toxic, and there are many warnings on anything that contains chlorine about the dangers of it and what to do if it is ingested.
  • Pregnant women in their first trimester who drink five or more glasses of chlorinated tap water a day may be at a much higher risk of miscarriage than women who drink non-chlorinated water.
  • Thanks to chlorine pollution, Americans ingest a daily amount of dioxin (a chlorine by-product)  that is already 300 to 600 times greater than the EPA’s so-called “safe” dose. Then, we drink more in our water!
  • You inhale more chlorine than you think! If you do not have a filter on your shower head, or are not on a well, you inhale and absorb a mass amount of chlorine in your shower! Your are inhaling a burning agent and absorbing its toxins into your skin. Most Chlorine exposure is from inhalation.
  • Exposure to chlorine can cause the following symptoms:

>Damage to the Gastrointestinal Tract

>Severe changes in blood pH levels– becomes very acidic

>Loss of vision

>Burning of the insides

>Damage to the organs

We are becoming more and more toxic with every sip of water. So before you run out and buy a Brita, check if it is actually cleaning our the chlorine. A lot of these filters just cover up the smell of chlorine. Here’s a great fact: Brita is produced by Clorox. Yup, they put in the chlorine, and then give you something to “Take it out” (even though it really does not)

Then there is the good ol’ Fluoride! We are taught since we are little children that we need fluoride and that it is good for our teeth and that the government is watching out for us by dumping it in the water supply. I remember when i was little and the dentist would want to give me a fluoride treatment and my dad wouldn’t allow it. They used to give him the third degree until we left the office.

If you do a little research on fluoride, you will find it has a very interesting history. Fluoride was first used by the Russians, given to prisoners in the prison camps to make them docile. Fluoride was later adapted by the German Nazi’s, which were the first to start adding it to water, solely to make people docile and dumb, making them easier to control.

Fluoride is one of the main ingredients in rat poison and is highly toxic. When you handle fluoride, like at the dentist, it has to be disposed of as toxic waste. So why is it ok to add it to our drinking water? Does it somehow not become toxic?

Fluoride causes the following:

  • Bone weakening (this includes your teeth– yes, it is actually bad for your teeth)
  • liver damage
  • kidney damage
  • low IQ (yes, many tests have proven this– research it)
  • decrease in thyroid function
  • damage to the gastrointestinal tract

Go ahead and check your tube of toothpaste. It most likely has fluoride in it. Then, look at the fine print. It will tell you right on the tube that if a child ingests even a pea size amount of that toothpaste to cause poison control. But yet they are selling us the fact “Fluoride is good for your dental health”

The number one place that absorbs the most fluoride in the body is in fact the Pineal Gland. It causes it to calcify rapidly. The average persons Pineal Glad is calcified by the age 18.  I’m not going to get into deep detail about this here, but it is most definitely worth researching.

here is a great video i found on fluoride, definitely worth watching and you should definitely research this more!!

There are no filters available that will remove fluoride from the water except for reverse osmosis. However, reverse osmosis water is not something recommended. For every 3 or 4 gallons of liquid that passes through that filter, there are about 90 gallons it wastes. Also, it completely demineralizes the liquid, and erases its intelligence and memory. Those of you who own one of these filters will testify to the fact that you do not feel very hydrated and have to eat high water fruits. This is because it does not hydrate you! When water has nothing to tell your cells, it is not able to communicate with your body that you are hydrated.

“Well, I buy bottled water, I’m Safe”

Wrong. First, most of the bottled water you buy does not come from springs at all. Fiji, Poland Springs, Voss, Aqufina, and many more are actually bottling well water. Yes, Well Water. You are paying up to $3 a bottle for well water! If you are someone who is doing this please, bring me your bottles and I will refill them for you at my house for a much lower price!  Many of these companies are also starting to add fluoride to their bottled water! So you are purchasing fluorinated well water that has been sitting in toxic plastic.

So by now im sure your feeling absolutely lost in what to do to even get clean, intelligent drinking water. Here are some options for you:

Find a local spring! You can visit the site http://www.findaspring.com and it will list some that are in your area. This is where i collect my water from. When you are collecting water that is from the earth that is thousands of years old, its has very high intelligence and is packed with minerals! You will feel such a HUGE difference when you start drinking this water, I promise you!

Your other option is to find a bottling company that uses GLASS bottles and make sure they are using actual spring water. When I am in a pinch, I use Mountain Valley Spring Water, it comes in a green bottle. I have used their water for some time now and it is great. Add a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt to it and it will be re-mineralized. Add in a blade of grass or an apple peel and give it back some intelligence! I personally will add some Goji Berries, since they are the most intelligent of all fruits.

Be Safe and Be Smart. Drink REAL Smart Water, not that fake stuff they sell you!


For those of you that live in my area, Syracuse, NY, here were the following contaminents in our water supply. I suggest you all request a list!!
In addition to chlorine, its’ by-products and nitrate, the followingcontaminants were reported in our supply water:

  • Hydro-flurosilicic acid
  • Copper sulfate
  • Orthophosphate
  • TDS- total dissolved solids- dirt and other solids
  • Chromium
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Metachlor – pesticide





4 Responses to “What Are YOU Drinking?!?!?!?!?!?!”

  1. Angelo Gounaris Says:

    Hii! I’ve driven through Syracuse.. I went to college in Ithaca – just south of you. I live in Long Island now. So… I buy a 24 pack of Poland Spring water every week… I found out that it has 1.2 mg of fluoride per liter! I was sooo saddened by that. I am BUYING water to avoid the fluoride and other waste in my water. There are so many things coming at us today. We have to unite and be in communication with one another – the people that are awake to these things.

    I don’t know when you wrote this article but I hope you are still active on this site or will at least receive this message. Add me on facebook plzzzz… search Angelo Gounaris My email is winterglows@gmail.com
    I love your hair in the picture… you are so expressive, colorful and creative. I wish I had friends like you….. You have a genuine smile doing something creative and thinking outside any box….

    You are so special ❤

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hi I was just wondering where you collect water? I live in syracuse and the closest place i found to get waster is port byron and i was wondering if there was anything closer?

  3. Chris Says:

    You shouldn’t drink spring water. Drink reverse osmosis water.

    • eyeofraw Says:

      Fresh living spring water is the best! Its living water that has a strong memory and the ultimate ability to hydrate! Its molecules are tightly bound allowing for maximum hydration! The process of reverse osmosis erases the waters memory and leaves the molecules spread apart. This water can not properly hydrate you. If you must use this process because no spring is available it his important to give your water a new memory to ensure hydration. You can do this by adding herbs, goji berries, or letting it sit in the sun. Same for distilled water! 🙂

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