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Nori Rolls! February 20, 2012

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This is a super fast and simple recipe and easy to take with you! Nori will bring you many minerals and has many health benefits… something a regular wrap does not have! Instead of using a flour wrap that has nothing to offer, use something that will actually add something positive to your well being!



– 1 Nori Sheet

– Tahini

– Bell Pepper (not green! these are unripe and very harsh!)

– Avocado

– Sprouts

– Watercress

– Cucumber

– Favorite green

– Hot pepper (optional)




Lay nori sheet so shiny side is face up. Spread a thin layer of tahini on the sheet , especially on the edge. This will be your glue! Towards the opposite edge  of the sheet lay your greens down, followed by slices of the vegetables. I usually lay down the avocado first and add the peppers and cucumber. Top with sprouts and watercress. Now to roll it up! Start by folding one end of the nori over the food in it.  Tightly begin to roll it up and seal with the tahini. Cut with a serrated knife and dip in your favorite sauce! These are incredibly filling due to the high vitamin and mineral content!


3 Responses to “Nori Rolls!”

  1. jessi@slotheatz Says:

    GAH! These look freaking amaaaaaazing. I totally have some random nori sheets too! Just gotta whip up some sauce and lunch is good to go =)

  2. RawNori.com Says:

    Great post, that looks yummy! we wanted to let you know about our website- http://www.RawNori.com – we sell the BEST raw organic Nori Sheets at the lowest prices anywhere!

  3. […] Nori wraps are genius. I can put whatever I want in them and they look fabulous. If I’m busy, I just take dried nori and snack on it like crackers. The recipe at this link calls for tahini, which I don’t like.. but otherwise, it’s basically my favorite variation. http://eyeofrawfoods.com/2012/02/20/nori-rolls/ […]

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