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“40 Days” October 11, 2012

40 days is a new program Eye Of Raw, LLC will be offering to the public!

 40 days has a very deep meaning with change. In the Bible, we constantly see the number 40 as the start of a new beginning. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights before God recreated the earth, Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days, Moses was on the mountain 40 days before receiving the 10 commandments, just to name a few.

Something new always happened at the end of 40 days. The “40 Days” plan Eye of Raw will be offering will consist of a total 40 day make over of body, mind, and spirit.

Through dietary cleansing, weekly meetings (in person or via web), and new exercise routines, detoxification will begin in the body and pour over into the soul. Let go of everything weighing you down, not just physically, but mentally. Clean your entire body-every organ- on a cellular level! Allow your body and mind to become one as it should be. Find answers to the questions you have been asking, and its not hard at all!

Although many of us never relate your un-success in life or unstable moods to the content of our cells, they truly go hand in hand with one another! When your cells are radiating, so will be your life.

The “40 Days” Package includes:

  • Unlimited Email Consulting
  • Week By Week Dietary Guidelines
  • Weekly In Person or Skype Consultations
  • Week By Week Detoxification Guidelines
  • Recipes
  • Short E-Book: RAW 101: Safe Detoxing Practices, Healing the Body with the Mind, How To Safely and Easily Transition

Be free from extra weight, a cloudy mind, debilitating toxins, and a dull spirit. Become alive again with this 40 Day journey to a new you!

Package Pricing: $375

Contact Goji at EyeOfRawFoods@gmail.com to find out how to purchase this package.


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