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About Eye Of Raw March 21, 2010

Eye Of Raw:

 “Live Life Raw”

Eye of Raw is more than just a place to come for food or information on health. Eye of Raw is the vision of raw. It’s more than what you see on the outside, its what you see within. Its what shines out through you, because you shine from the inside out.

Raw is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. Don’t just eat raw, live raw. Be raw in all that you do. Live the cleanest, the most pure. Do no harm to others or yourself. Be who you are, in the most raw form possible. Accept everything about who you are and who you want to be. Don’t do anything to dim the light, make sure it is always shining through.

Become one with nature. It’s where you come from. Strip yourself down of all things carnal, of all masks, of anything that is putting you a step above from where you came- the earth. We are the earth. We come from the dirt. We are the walking elements of life and must keep true to this. We need to get back to our basics, back to our true selves. We must live raw.

Once we are raw, we are not just true to ourselves. We are true to this universe. We become back into alignment with what should have been, and move forward with this new mentality. You will no longer produce waste; everything you eat, do, think or breathe will be recycled and transformed into something new.

When you are truly raw you will begin to see that only things of a raw nature will attract to you. People, places, and all things raw will begin to manifest around you. Your relationships and connections with all beings of this earth will be raw. You will find no barriers or differences in the uniqueness of each individual, whether plant, animal, or person.

When all is stripped away, and only raw is left, you will gain an extreme connection to the things of this earth that are already raw. You will connect to all that was here before man, when the earth was at it’s most raw, its most pure. This is where you will achieve the highest level of awareness. This is when your transformation into the superb human being we all should be, has started, and will forever continue to rise. You are no longer polluting this earth, others, and of course, yourself.

The Eye of Raw logo represents just this. The tree represents the earth, the living, breathing planet, which, like us, has a spirit. The eye represents you, your vision, what you see when you are again connected from which you came. It is your vision on what must become, of what you must become, and what you see in the future, once you sight is cleared. The light shining through the branches represents your internal light, as well as the sunlight, a light that shines on all things dark, that should never again be hidden. The blue circle it is all encompassed in represents the oneness, wholeness, and unity between us and the world. It represents the completeness of our transformation when we LIVE LIFE RAW.





13 Responses to “About Eye Of Raw”

  1. Mark Golding Says:

    Mariesa Hiya!

    We have met on Twitter.

    I have visited your fantastic site, and have added your details to our directory, here at The Organic Home, http://www.theorganichome.co.uk

    You will find your entry in the ‘Blogs’ – ‘Diet & Nutrition’ category of the directory, and do please check that your entry and details are good for you, and also please let me know if you wish me to amend your entry.

    If you would return a link, that would be fantastic, as Google loves shared organic links…

    Warm Wishes

    Mark Golding

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi ,

    My name is Jennifer Hammett and I’m working with Kevin Gianni from RenegadeHealth.com. If you haven’t heard of Kevin, he’s been in front and behind some very popular releases and products in the natural health movement.

    I wanted to talk to you about an opportunity that we have to provide great and unique content about raw food to your readers and fans as well as some ways that we can help promote what you do.

    Kevin gets a ton of questions about raw food, so he recently put together a program to take those who are new to raw food or those who want a “raw food” reboot… it’s called “The Raw Food Challenge”.

    There will be thousands of people joining us to do the Raw Food Challenge (already hundreds signed up already) coming up in May and June, so I wanted to see if you (1) wanted a copy and (2) if you would be interested in either talking about the challenge or doing it with us!

    There are a few promotional opportunities that we’re offering that could make you some extra cash (some significant) that I’d love to run by you.

    You can contact me directly by email: jennifer@renegadehealth.com.

    If you want to learn more about Kevin, please visit a few of our sites:


    http://www.RenegadeHealth.com/rfc (Raw Food Challenge Site)


    Live Awesome!

    Jennifer Hammett

    PS. Please respond as soon as you can because some of the opportunities are somewhat time sensitive. 🙂

  3. james5555 Says:

    Hi Mariesa. Hope all is well! I am glad I found your site. It is very informative, and you have great recipes. Keep up the good work! If there is anything I can do to make you more successful, let me know.

    James Reno

  4. Mike Bonney Says:

    Hi Mariesa,
    Our mutual friend Kelsey Hodge connected me to you blog and I want to thank you for your very generous gift of all these wonderful Raw recipes. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 9 months and I intend to go raw as soon as I’m able. Your site should make it easier. I have a love of potato, which may be my down fall, but your chip recipe may save me. Between you and my Excalibur food dehydrator I may make it yet. All my best and if you don’t mind I’m going to put some links up on my websites and mention you to the members on my facebook page, Oswego Center for Sustainable Living. I believe we’ll be working together in the near future.


  5. Marcellina Says:

    hello! I just found out that you are going to be making raw dishes here in Syracuse, NY at the new Green Planet Grocery and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! I have been sort of flirting around with the idea of raw food/veganism on and off for a few years and it will be so wonderful to have a raw food resource in our town! I am going to come by GP Grocery either this weekend or later this week to see what’s on the menu! I can’t wait! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 😀

  6. Chris Doody Says:

    Hi- I was in the store today-9-2-10 and I bought a slice of your apple pie. I mentioned to you that I was going to make it and you told me you changed the recipe. I do have the groats and I bought some raw almonds. My question is how much of the groats do I use. You did a lattice top and I like that better. I am figuring that the rest of the recipe is the same?

    The pie was delicious!! If I were to have you make me one, would that be possible? Thanks!

  7. […] The benefits of being RAW: High Energy, you will be the weight your body desires to be, (never count a calorie again!) no brain fog, you will be chemical free, the list can go on and on.” — Mariesa Pitonzo on EyeofRawFoods.com […]

  8. Cher Says:

    Please I was wondering I need help with my adventure on raw festyle can you please help.

    Best Regards

  9. Helen Perkins Says:

    We met at Whole Foods in Naples a few days ago. I enjoyed our conversation and will take time to become familiar with your site.

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