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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie October 22, 2011

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Great healthy dessert smoothie for the upcoming season!

Serves 2

3.5 cups raw pumpkin. (Make into mush with juicer or use canned)
3 cups vanilla rice or almond milk
2tbs honey (I used maple and vanilla enhanced)
1tsp Vietnamese cinnamon
3/4 tsp all spice
Couple dashes nutmeg
1/4 tsp vanilla bean
2 handfuls ice (you can also use a frozen banana if you eat them)
Cacao nibs optional… I obviously put them in ūüôā

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth! Enjoy with a friend!


Apple Pie! May 20, 2010

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This pie is amazing! Simple too!


4 apples, sliced thinly

– 1/2 lemon

-4 cups of dates

– sea salt

-3cups pecans



-Place 2 cups of pecans, pinch of salt, and 2 cups of dates in FP. This is your pie crust.  Flatten it out into a glass pie dish.

РPlace 1 cup pecans,  with 1 cup dates and pinch of salt into FP. Set this dough aside, it will be your top.

РPut 1 cup dates into high powered blender and slowly add water. i would say you will end up using about 2 cups of water. Pour mixture over sliced apples. Squeeze lemon and add cinnamon and stir.

– Pour the apples into the pie crust.

-Spread out the dough you have set aside on a teflex sheet and spread it out. Flip over the teflex sheet on top of the pie and peel back.


Cheesecake!!! April 5, 2010

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this is the best raw vegan cheesecake you will ever consume, and it isnt that hard to make at all! .



-2 cups pecans or almonds

-1 cup dates (soaked)

-2 tbspn cacao

-pinch of salt

Put nuts in FP until fine meal is created. Add cacao and quick pulse. Add dates and process until ball is formed. Press “dough” evenly into greased pie plate, so that the sides are covered as well.


-4 cups cashews soaked for at least 6 hours

-1 cup agave

-1 cup coconut oil

-1 cup water

-1 tspn Vanilla

РPour Agave, Coconut oil, 1/2 cup water, and cashews into FP or Vitamix. Slowly add more water if necessary, mixture should be really thick. Pour into pan with crust and let sit for a minute and try to get air bubbles out by tapping on the counter. Refrigerate for a few hours until hardened.


-1/2 cup cacao powder

-1/2 cup coconut oil

-1/4 cup agave

-1/4 tspnvanilla

-melt coconut oil in dehydrator until liquid. put into mixing bowl with all ingredients and whisk. i did this out in the sun so it would stay melted, if this is not possible i would suggest heating the bowl with hot water and wiping it dry so the bowl is hot and the coconut oil will not firm. When thoroughly mixed, pour over top of cheesecake, moving the pan around so it is evenly covered.  It should harden when being poured over the frozen cheesecake.

-put cheesecake in fridge to let soften before serving. It will stay firm in or out of fridge =)


The Most Amazing Raw Vegan Brownies in The WORLD! March 31, 2010

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seriously, i have never had something so amazing in my life, i think i like these better than the cupcakes!

Bare with me on measurements, i never measure anything i always cook to taste (its the Italian in me). So use your judgement with my measurements! Makes 9 small brownies (believe me, these are so rich a small one is enough!) I found the base to this recipe online, and tweaked what i thought needed adjusting.



-2 cup Ground Pecans

-1 cup ground oat groats (optional)

-3/4 cups dates, soaked 2 hours (use 1 cup for a fudgier texture)

-1/4 cup cocao powder


-2 tbspn Coconut oil (dont melt it)

-1 avocado

-2 tbspn liquid sweetener

-1/4 cup cocao powder (this measurement is a pure guess, sorry. i just kept dumping it in until i got the chocolate flavor i wanted! use your own judgement!)

Start with the base.  Crush the nuts as fine as you can get them in food processor or dry blade on Vitamix. Add the cacao powder until it is evenly mixed. Start dropping in the dates one at a time until a dough like mixture is formed. Put this mixture in a brownie tray and form.

Mix the icing ingredients in a food processor. It will work best in a small one. I used a large one and everything kept getting plastered to the sides so it took forever. A blender would also work. Once it is mixed spread on top of the brownies and refrigerate for about 30 mins, or however long you can wait to eat them!

The recipe for this icing tastes like chocolate pudding, so you could even just make the icing and eat it as is! I tend to leave out the coconut oil when I do this.. Its soooo yummy!


RAW VEGAN CUPCAKES!!!! March 27, 2010

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Yes! RAW Cupcakes!!  These are sooo good! i found the recipe here >>  http://bit.ly/bUuLdP   i tweeked mine a bit.

it took a while to get the frosting right… a few times it was a little too watery so i added more coconut pulp and let it sit in the fridge. makes about 5 cupcakes.


-2 cups of walnuts

-7 dates

-1/4 cup cacao powder

-2 tspn melted coconut oil

-2 tspn vanilla

-pinch sea salt

put coconut oil, nuts, dates and coconut oil into food processor and mix until mixture is sticking. Add the vanilla, almond, and salt and mix again. Shape the “dough” in cupcake holders.

ingredients for icing

1 cup coconut pulp

-1/2 cup agave

-1/4 cup coconut water

-1/2 tspn vanilla dash of sea salt.

-1 tspn coconut oil or cacao butter

mix in blender really well. add more pulp if it is water, and then let sit in fridge for 20 mins. Put in a ziplock bag and push to corner. Cut the tip and decorate!



Whipped Cream March 24, 2010

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1 cups almonds (or any nut of choice, soaking them for a few hours will help the process, but not necessary)

3/4 cup water

1 tbspn maple syrup

1/2 tspn vanilla

place all ingredients in food processor, adding the water slowly as mixture blends. once water is added let mix until thick consistency is reached. this may take a while. If you put it in the fridge for a few hours or over night it will be more stiff. Put on some raw banana ice cream! yum!


Banana Ice Cream March 23, 2010

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Another Super Simple Recipe!


3 frozen bananas

3 dates (having them soft by soaking  them may work out better)

1/2 cup almond milk

(Optional) Cacao or Vegan Carob Chips (carob is not raw)

(Optional) Walnuts

Put ingredients in food processor or Vitamix. (this will be a lot easier in a Vitamix, and less milk will be needed)

Blend and slowly add milk until desired consistency!

This will be the freshest icecream you have ever tasted!