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I HAVE NO ENERGY!!! January 19, 2014

We all at some time or another have made this statement. I would say that this is the number one reason most of my clients meet with me, they have no energy, are dragging through their day, and are searching for a reason and a fix.

When I first began my work, the first thing I would do is assess the individual’s diet, as generally the first thing a professional looks at is nutrition. You put out what you take in. However, as I continue in my path to heal, I have come to find that 90% of the time diet is not the only problem. My belief is that all physical starts as emotional, spiritual or mental. Your subconscious mind brings you to awareness of these issues by physical symptoms such as: inability to digest food, headaches, body aches, sore throats, irritable bowel, etc. I believe that one of the main issues of fatigue, especially chronic fatigue is not just about what your eating, but what you are thinking.

Think of your energy like a bank account inside your body, which starts off completely full. What are you spending this energy on? Do you have poor energy management skills?

Pretend you start out with 100 energy points. When you wake up what is the first thing you do? Do you worry about something? (-5 energy points) do you complain that you have to go to work? (-5 energy points) do you dwell about something your did wrong in the past (-10 energy points). So, before you leave your bed your down to 80 points.

You then turn on the news. Everything you watch is absolutely negative, your spending EVEN MORE energy on this. Your lucky you have even 50 energy points left by the time you leave the house. Not only are you loosing energy by partaking in these things, but you are now vibrating these feelings of negativity and worry into the universe. No matter what you are thinking, past or present, you give that vibration off into the air, and the universe comes back with the exact same vibration. Starting your day expending your energy on worry and doubt will bring more of this to you. Watching negative things on TV will bring more negative things to manifest. So, not only are we wasting energy on things that deserve none of our attention, but we are creating more things to take our energy away!

What if instead of waking up and worrying, the first thing you did when you woke up was give thanks for your amazing life, the house you live in, even the toothbrush you use to brush your teeth. What if instead of watching something negative with your morning meal (which disturbs digestion any way) you listened to a positive message instead. Instead of depleting your energy your building it. You now have more energy than you started with when you woke up!

I believe we need to focus more on our energy management skills and improve this aspect of our lives before we even start to change our diets. As you go through your day, think before you react. Is it worth spending energy points on? Think about this carefully.

When on your way to work you get a flat tire. How will you spend your energy points on this situation? Swearing (-4) Yelling (-10) Worrying (-5) Being annoyed and angry the whole time you change the tire (-10). Or do you simply get out of the car CALMLY, assess the situation and think “well, maybe there is a divine purpose for this flat tire”, calmly change it, and head on your way?

We all have the choice on how we handle and react in a situation. How do you want to spend your energy? Worrying, yelling, and getting upset or angry does nothing but burn you out and ATTRACTS MORE OF THAT TO YOU. Every time you spend an energy point, that point goes out into the universe and the universe gives that point back in the exact way it was received. Remember this before you react, and think about how you want to spend your points.

The Universe


Pancreatic Problems and the Fruitarian Lifestyle January 31, 2013

I know I have written about the Fruitarian diet before, speaking on some of the reasons as to why it is not an ideal lifestyle, and have a story to share.

Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs in a movie coming out about him. Steve Jobs was on a Fruitarian diet which consisted of 80% or more of fruit and some nuts and seeds. Ashton decided to eat this way as well, to get more in tune with how Jobs lived. Right before filming began, he was rushed to the hospital bent over in pain. It turns out his pancreas was enlarged and all of his pancreatic hormones and enzyme levels were completely out of whack. Steve Jobs himself died of pancreatic cancer.

There are some amazing fruits out there, some that supply outstanding nourishment to the body, such as goji berries and noni berries. These are great to have in your diet on a daily basis, but should not be the main staple of it. Being that most of the people in this country go to the supermarket to get their fruits, the types available are small and on top of this they are highly hybridized. The bananas you buy in the store are so hybrid they are no longer the perfect food you were taught they were. Most fruits are this way, and are also shipped in from all over the world, picked unripe, and left to slowly die to become “ripe” on your kitchen counter. During the process the small amount of nutrients present in the fruit deteriorate. A major amount of essential vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are now lacking in these foods, leaving mostly sugar left for your body to process. This will normally show in the hair, skin, and nails first and will begin to effect mood, strength, and organs following.

Living in the part of Florida that I do, I can grow everything from jackfruit to noni to bananas to grapes, pretty much any fruit you can think of. I buy 95% of my fruit local, from farmers that have very rich organic soil. The fruit I consume is a lot better than what you can get in the store. This is how fruit should be, many different kinds growing in rich nutrient dense soil. Unfortunately, this is not what is normally available to us.

Even with the over abundance of fresh fruit available to me, it still does not make up a huge part of my diet. I would say around 35%. A huge chunk of my diet comes from greens, mostly the dark leafy ones. This provides me with an amazing amount of nutrients, and also helps to slowly release the sugar from the fruit into my body. The fats I consume also do this.

It is never good to go to one extreme for an extended period of time. I have done fruit fasting, but not more than 4 days. Anything extreme is generally not good. It is very important to eat equal amounts of all the three main groups (vegetables,fruits,fats -or- chlorophyll,sugar,fats) in order to allow each organ to do its job without strain. Of course, be sure to add in some of what we consider today “super foods” like chlorella, spirulina, maca, etc, in order to get a full array of nutrients that is harder to get from our food today due to our poor soil.

If you are thinking of becoming Fruitarian, please do research on the fruit of today, and how exactly the pancreas and its enzymes work. There is not only fruit on this earth, but a whole mess of incredible vegetables and herbs to help aid making our life the best possible one! It’s about getting out there and finding them and experiencing them as we were intended to!


This tasty bowl of fruit is topped with hemp seeds, hemp oil, and some powdered reishi mushroom! It made for a great, long lasting power breakfast!


Water Filter Review October 6, 2012


I have been fussing with water filters since I moved to Florida and no longer had a fresh water spring to go to. Water is the most important thing for your body. Without proper hydration from GOOD water, your cells cannot communicate properly, which throws everything off in your body. If you’re drinking tap water, your cellular communication becomes even worse because of the terrible things found in our faucet water. Everything from chlorine, to toilet paper (the #1 contaminant,) prescription and illegal drugs, and the all deadly fluoride can be found in your glass of water, and it can be causing most of the problems in your body. Just drinking fluoride alone will give you problems in your thyroid, bones, hormones, and most of all, your mind. Chlorine, or, bleach, well, I don’t think I need to tell you what would happen if you drank bleach every. Your water will poison you and could be causing many of the problems that you face daily. Imagine, that with every sip of water you take, you could be self medicating, making your mind numb, and hurting your endocrine system!

After trying many other water filters, mostly those that hook up to the faucet, none ever fully removed the high chlorine taste. I did not even bother with “Britta” or “Pur” because they simply cover up the smell and do not actually clean your water. I also have been using “Taste of Nature” faucet water filter, but it just does not cut it.

About a week ago I finally bit the bullet and bought a Berkey water filter. I didn’t want to because of the price, but finally realized that I’m simply not going to find a filter that actually does its job with out spending a pretty penny.

Today, I got in the Berkey lite, which holds 2 gallons of water at a time. It comes with 2 black  Berkey water filters and I ordered 2 arsenic/fluoride filters on top of that. These filters are capable of filtering the most dirty pond water into perfect drinking water!

I filled her up and just had my first glass! I can honestly say this is the BEST water I have had since I stopped using fresh spring water. I am in complete awe with this system. The water is light, slightly sweet, and incredibly clean! Well worth every penny spent! One of the best things about it, is that if you were ever in a situation where you had no electricity and could not run your faucet, this gravity fed filter would still work! I have not one complaint about this filter, and would recommend it to anyone searching for the best filter out there that removes EVERYTHING! Filters are also cheap to replace, and are good for cleaning 10,000 gallons of water.

If you want some of the best tasting, hydrating water filter there is, I highly recommend this filter!


Lesson on Fasting: Why Fast? July 14, 2012

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So I have given you a video on how to prepare a fast, so here is one on why you should! Fasting is done for some many reasons, and it does not just stop at the physical aspect. Fasting can heal your entire being, bringing you back to center, and again making you whole. Many things will begin to be healed and released from your body… and it isn’t just toxins! Watch this video below to learn more about fasting, its benefits physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and some great tips so that you can get the most out of your fast!





Fidgeting Around With Food July 10, 2012

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So i recently adopted 2 rats. One, who’s name is Edgar, he is an albino with one eye, and Fidget, a smaller guy with a few nubby toes. I have them on a very nice diet that consist of their choice of nutrient dense pellets or kale, watermelon, swiss chard, mango, goji, and a few other fruits. I also put Spirulina/chlorella in their water. They are very active happy rats.

A few days ago i began to incorporate rice into their feeding. I noticed that when i fed them the rice, they were at first unsure of it, but once they began to eat it they would run after it and devour it any time i put it in their cage! I began to think about rice. It is a starchy sugar. I know that our brains are wired to like sugar/starch, fat, and salt as a survival mechanism. (Today we have so much of these substances available it has become an addiction.)

I noticed that every time i fed them the rice, they would dig that out of the bottom of the food dish first, then go to the fruit second (more sugar) and then eat the greens last. This was very interesting to me as after they had consumed the sugar they wanted more sugar.

Last night my finance was eating some french fries (yuck) and i broke one up and put it into their food dish. I have never seen them eat something so fast. The little guy, fidget, actually ran up to edgar and stole a piece right from his mouth and ran and hid in his hammock and ate it. Shortly after i took them from their cage and set them on the coffee table to run around and play. They both snuggled up to each other and slept instead. This in incredibly weird, as they love to run around and explore.

This morning they did not wake up until 11am. They are normally up and ready by 6 or 7. I even changed their food, which they always come out for, but nothing. They didn’t even start moving from their potato coma until 11!  It is definitely back to raw fruits and veggies for these guys!

It is amazing to me how this clearly showed what happens to the body when we fill ourselves with starch, carbohydrates, and sugar. We crave more, go crazy on it, and then sleep it off the next day. We should be just as active and curious as these rats normally are, running around all day finding things to do and conquer, but instead most of us load up on comfort foods and put ourselves into this fog, and then sleep it off. Its no way to live!

Try fidgeting around with your own diet! Instead of that bagel you eat every morning, replace it with some fresh fruit like half a watermelon or 3 pears or apples. Maybe try a green smoothie! For lunch, instead of bread use a collard leaf for a wrap or a portobello mushroom for sandwich bread! Try snacking on some cucumbers with sea salt sprinkled on them instead of the bag of chips located in the machine at “F8” for 75cents. Any little adjustment you make will make a difference in the way you feel on a daily basis. Go with the flow! Move in one thing, get rid of another! Before you know it you will be eating healthy and feeling great!


Karmic Confessions July 3, 2012

I would like to share this story  with all of my readers, and all who wish to read. I believe that i can not truly move on from this experience unless I write it out and share it, so that someone may benefit from it. This is the only way to turn this experience, full of negative karmic energy, into a positive one.

A short time ago, at the height of my awakening, i met an individual who’s negative karmic energy was pouring off them. I am incredibly kind hearted, and wanted to help this person, so began to spend some time with them. This person drank, smoked, had a very negative outlook on life, and ate the most negative karma foods you could think of. I felt that since my being is so positive and light, that it may help to counteract the heavy weight this person carried. I was terribly wrong.

The negative energy this person gave off began to chip away at my flamboyant spirit and i myself began to grow somewhat dull. Looking back at this time, i realized that during that time i was attracted to eating more negative karma foods such as nuts and seeds. Negative situations began to pop up in my life and i felt myself to begin to loose the awakening i had came to. This went on for some time, and old habits started to fall back into my life. There were things i was doing that i would never have dreamed of just months prior, such as drinking wine and eating corn chips!  I not only was attracting negativity into my life, but putting negative things into my body! This brought my esoteric self way down from where it was, in an incredibly short period of time. I felt my “high” begin to dwindle, and my light growing dull.

I knew that i needed to let go of this negative being, and needed to set myself free of this entity. And so I did. I will admit, even though over a year later, I am not 100% myself physically or spiritually. It is not until These last few months that i have truly been able to build myself back to where i was.

I, however, do not feel 100%. I am not the me i was. My spirit still feels slightly heavy, and i can feel the “pockets” of negative energy stored within my spirit.

The first step in letting go of this energy is sharing it with you all, and hoping that someone may gain information from it.

The second step I am taking is a 2 week long super cleanse, which i will be blogging about with videos and writings. My fiancé will be accompanying me through this journey, as he too will be cleansing negative food karma as well as old experiences from his spiritual self.

Please know, that some negative energies you can not tackle no matter how positive you are. Never let anyone dim your light, or listen to others when you know truly what is right. Always let the spirit guide you. Look and listen for signs of what you should and should not be doing. Do not ignore them simply because you do not want to accept what they are telling you. Love yourself and others, and keep yourself clean of those things that will hinder your being from developing into the full potential you are truly capable of.


Vegetarian Diets and Cancer by Jillian McKee June 25, 2012

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Jillian Mckee, a writer for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, contacted me and wanted to post an article she had recently written on vegetarian diets and cancer recovery. She has been studying nutrition and cancer and has concentrated in on a vegetarian lifestyle. Here is her article! Thanks Jillian!


The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet as an Adjunct to Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most difficult and sobering moments in anyone’s life. The anxiety, uncertainty, and prospect of lengthy and debilitating treatment are some of the worries a cancer victim may experience. However, each day new treatments are being discovered and survival rates continue to rise.

Any cancer patient, whether just diagnosed, in active treatment, or in remission, will look for lots of ways to improve their overall health. Things such as exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet are all excellent adjuncts to any treatment.

When considering a healthy diet, a vegetarian diet is an excellent choice for many reasons. To begin, fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat. Studies show that a diet, which is low in fat and high in fiber, can prevent certain types of cancers.

Since the low fat, high fiber nature of fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce the rates of various types of cancer; it certainly makes sense to eat a vegetarian diet when dealing with the disease. Simply eating a high fiber, low fat diet is a good idea in any situation and makes sense when dealing with something as devastating as cancer.

A vegetarian diet is also beneficial in helping to deal with many of the side effects involved in cancer treatment. Mesothelioma treatments and treatments for many other cancers are physically exhausting and can even cause other illnesses. It is important during this time to be able to maintain one’s strength and energy.

Fruits and vegetables have long been known to provide abundant energy. This is especially true of fruits, which provide a quick boost of energy in addition to other health benefits. Having the extra energy that a vegetarian diet provides may allow treatment to continue without the interruption that is sometimes necessary when a patient becomes too weak to continue therapy.

Aside from the important physical health benefits, there are also mental benefits. Many people dealing with cancer vow to fight the illness. There is no better way to fight a health threat than by making a change to a healthy diet. It signifies the ability to control part of one’s own recovery. It creates a positive sense of wellbeing in the knowledge that everything possible is being done to combat the cancer.

Another psychological benefit can be weight loss. It is known that overweight and obese individuals are at a higher risk for cancer. If an overweight person develops the disease, weight loss may be recommended. For those who need to shed pounds in order to assist in their recovery, a vegetarian diet is a perfect solution. Just seeing a healthier looking self and reaching a healthy weight can be elating and can help take the mind off of the sometimes arduous treatment.

But what about those who have completed their treatment and are in remission? While there may be a temptation to return to meats, staying vegetarian will not only provide the benefits already mentioned, but will be an excellent way to keep the immune system at peak performance. This will help with overall wellness but is especially important in cancer survivors, as their immune systems need to be operating at optimal levels to help prevent recurrence.

Doctors and other health professionals will do their best to help, but helping oneself by adopting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is perhaps the best adjunct treatment a cancer patient can use. It will provide a better quality of life, help with the side effects of treatment, and be a personal way to take the fight to this devastating illness.