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ANNOUNCEMENT! February 8, 2014

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I am SO incredibly THRILLED to make this announcement…..


I will be opening my own HEALTH STORE! This will be a place for EVERYONE to come no matter what your age, to get the best self healing products and methods. It will be a positive environment dedicated to YOUR health and wellness.

What will it contain?

  • ONLY Non-GMO Vitamins and Supplements
  • The Biggest Bulk Herb Collection in Naples
  • Organic Clothing
  • Top of the Line Beauty Care and Make Up
  • Specially Formulated Skin Care
  • Yoga Clothes made from Recycled plastic bottles! Mats as well
  • Healing Crystals
  • Essential Oils and Incense
  • Healing Mediation and Easy Listening CDs
  • Organic Bulk Teas
  • Healthy Non-GMO Snacks

All at REASONABLE prices!

We will have lectures, consultation services and more!

Check out the website, although not fully developed yet! www.GenesisNonGMO.com

My Facebook Fan Page name will be changed to: Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins&More

Follow on Facebook for updates and opening dates as well as events and special pre-opening discounts!

Also, if you are a local supplier… we support you! This is not limited to supplements only! Art, Clothing, Mugs, Jewelry, etc, please contact me if you are interested in selling your merchandise here!


Stay updated! See you soon!


I HAVE NO ENERGY!!! January 19, 2014

We all at some time or another have made this statement. I would say that this is the number one reason most of my clients meet with me, they have no energy, are dragging through their day, and are searching for a reason and a fix.

When I first began my work, the first thing I would do is assess the individual’s diet, as generally the first thing a professional looks at is nutrition. You put out what you take in. However, as I continue in my path to heal, I have come to find that 90% of the time diet is not the only problem. My belief is that all physical starts as emotional, spiritual or mental. Your subconscious mind brings you to awareness of these issues by physical symptoms such as: inability to digest food, headaches, body aches, sore throats, irritable bowel, etc. I believe that one of the main issues of fatigue, especially chronic fatigue is not just about what your eating, but what you are thinking.

Think of your energy like a bank account inside your body, which starts off completely full. What are you spending this energy on? Do you have poor energy management skills?

Pretend you start out with 100 energy points. When you wake up what is the first thing you do? Do you worry about something? (-5 energy points) do you complain that you have to go to work? (-5 energy points) do you dwell about something your did wrong in the past (-10 energy points). So, before you leave your bed your down to 80 points.

You then turn on the news. Everything you watch is absolutely negative, your spending EVEN MORE energy on this. Your lucky you have even 50 energy points left by the time you leave the house. Not only are you loosing energy by partaking in these things, but you are now vibrating these feelings of negativity and worry into the universe. No matter what you are thinking, past or present, you give that vibration off into the air, and the universe comes back with the exact same vibration. Starting your day expending your energy on worry and doubt will bring more of this to you. Watching negative things on TV will bring more negative things to manifest. So, not only are we wasting energy on things that deserve none of our attention, but we are creating more things to take our energy away!

What if instead of waking up and worrying, the first thing you did when you woke up was give thanks for your amazing life, the house you live in, even the toothbrush you use to brush your teeth. What if instead of watching something negative with your morning meal (which disturbs digestion any way) you listened to a positive message instead. Instead of depleting your energy your building it. You now have more energy than you started with when you woke up!

I believe we need to focus more on our energy management skills and improve this aspect of our lives before we even start to change our diets. As you go through your day, think before you react. Is it worth spending energy points on? Think about this carefully.

When on your way to work you get a flat tire. How will you spend your energy points on this situation? Swearing (-4) Yelling (-10) Worrying (-5) Being annoyed and angry the whole time you change the tire (-10). Or do you simply get out of the car CALMLY, assess the situation and think “well, maybe there is a divine purpose for this flat tire”, calmly change it, and head on your way?

We all have the choice on how we handle and react in a situation. How do you want to spend your energy? Worrying, yelling, and getting upset or angry does nothing but burn you out and ATTRACTS MORE OF THAT TO YOU. Every time you spend an energy point, that point goes out into the universe and the universe gives that point back in the exact way it was received. Remember this before you react, and think about how you want to spend your points.

The Universe


Fish out of Water September 17, 2013

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If you went to the beach and retrieved a fish from the water, and laid it upon the shore, the fish would surely die. It would not develop lungs that breath air, or learn to walk on its tail or hunt for its food. It would slowly and surely die.

We were created in nature. We walked the earth with our feet, bathed and drank the waters of the the earth, gathered our foods from the richest soil ever found, and respected Mother Nature and showed her so daily. We respected the animals, and they respected us. We breathed fresh air and saw beautiful greenery all around us. We took care of the earth, and it took care of us. It was our home.

We are now quite far from that. Like fishes out of water. We walk on pavement, breath in smog, our waters are polluted EVERYWHERE, from the streams to our faucet. The earth is now filled with the tallest buildings, where the color green is only seen sparingly between the cracks in the side walk. We have no language with animals, no language with creation. We only think of ourselves, not all as one.

I do not believe in chemical imbalances. I believe in a lack of nature. We are fish out of water. We have been taken from the environment we were meant to live in and slowly shown a new way of life. A life that we have labeled as “civilized”. Well this “civilized” lifestyle is aiding us in slowly dying. We are depressed, we have panic attacks, anxiety, ADD and other made up diagnosis and pills for all of them, to help preserve us in these places we were never meant to live. Lifestyles we were never supposed to have. The human race was not meant to live the way we do, and we are sick and slowly dying because of it.

We need to stop with the selfish mentality, and the thought that materialism leads to happiness. It doesn’t. There is nothing so much further from the truth. The earth will only sustain this behavior for so long. The next time we are feeling bouts of depression, or a panic attack coming on, maybe we should think of the fish out of water. Maybe we are just so far from where we should be, our bodies and minds are turning on us. Maybe it is saying “I need the earth, the green, the clean air. Put me back where I belong”.

I am not meaning to offend anyone by these statements if you struggle with any of these issues, as I too, have at one time. But stop and think how far removed we are from when we first came, and think of the fish out of water.

Mitakuye Oyasin


Man: Advancing On Nature Since 1 BC June 26, 2013

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Driving to work yesterday I saw a landscaping service truck driving in front of me. Beneath the logo it said “Enhancing The Beauty of Nature”. This was quite upsetting to me. This statement said a lot. Humans, from the beginning of time, have always thought that they can improve on nature and make it better. We disturb everything in this voyage to make what was already here better, and because of it the earth is suffering and crying out for us to stop.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a perfect example of this. A scientist came along and decided it would be beneficial (most likely just to his pockets) to create a seed that he can patent, which has a strain of bacteria in it which was made by him. His claim is that he can save the world, and this seed is an enhancement to nature. This type of seed is nothing of the sort. It is destroying crop, and takes away from the natural design of this earth. All GM seeds are sterile… you can not save the seeds and replant them. They are resistant to high doses of dangerous pesticides, and are causing the killing of our bees, our people, and our earth. This goes against everything our earth should be. The only thing GMOs have done is make the pockets fatter of the people who promote and create these life killing crops.

We have also thought we are advancing on nature when we stopped encouraging farming and started promoting factory farming of both plants and animals. Instead of a farmer having a few cattle and some crop, man decided that everyone should be over consumers, and it would be an advancement for us to have giant farms producing one thing at a time.. miles of cows back to back with no walking room, suffering and living a tormented life, and the same plant grown for miles, which has led to degradation of our soil and the need for pesticides.

Because of this “advancement” we have decided to make on nature, humans, animals and the earth are suffering, the latter undeserving. Because of our decision for advancement, animals are suffering greatly for no reason. They are being tortured and enslaved so that we can eat in excess, their homes are being cut down so we can build our shopping malls and houses, and in return we decide they are “over populating” an area, when we are in fact the ones over populating theirs. We decide to domesticate wildlife and make them our pets. Through “selective breeding” people are now bringing foxes, monkeys, and others into their homes because they are “cute”. The earth is being torn to shreds. The land is being eaten up by bulldozers daily, chemicals are being dumped in its waters, and pesticides on its soils.  In return, plants are no longer able to grow strong, which means we are not able to either.

Because of our “enhancing” everything is dying. Including us.

The first step in healing this earth is recognizing the problem. Now that you have, start to take action. Please, begin to do something nice to the planet, and watch it give you rewards in return. If you are walking and see some trash, simply pick it up. If a turtle is trying to cross a busy road, stop and help it to the other side. Plant seeds in the most unexpected places. The goji berry is the most versatile plant– it can grow anywhere! Since you should be eating these everyday anyway, always have some on you! Show some thanks by sticking one in the ground. It will most likely grow. And if it doesn’t, you still attempted, and that will be recognized. We can’t keep robbing nature, we must do something to give back. As in any relationship, its give and take. It can’t be always take. Start your giving now, before the earth is completely robbed, and its too late. It will happen much quicker than you think.


Special For My Followers! October 11, 2012

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As season is starting up here in Naples, I have decided to run a special to get everyone back on track!

Any Package offered by Eye Of Raw will be 50% OFF to the first 25 people who email me at EyeOfRawFoods@gmail.com. Write “50 Off” in the subject line and I will respond back! This includes those of you who are long distance and can only participate via web!

Dont forget, if a package doesn’t suit your needs I will create one just for you!

Also, check out the new “40 Days” Package Eye of Raw now offers! There is also a special running on this too! (50 OFF does NOT apply to this package.. you will se why!)

Today has been a very amazingly blessed day for me, and I would love nothing more than to pass this along to all my followers!!


Health and Happiness,




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My absolute favorite DHA/EPA supplement is on super sale for the next 24hrs! Normally 29.99 for 1, Omega Zen is currently on sale through The Raw Food World— $37.77 for three or $13.99 for one.

This is the most pure and potent vegan DHA supplement on the market! I have been using it for over a year and i absolutely love it! Here is an article i wrote on the particular product last year: http://eyeofrawfoods.com/2011/09/24/the-importance-of-dha/

Getting your DHA omega 3’s from marine phytoplankton is the most pure way to get it. Fish are contaminated, and the only reason they have DHA is because they costume Krill. Krill are so pure and high in omega 3 because they live in marine phytoplankton! It is always the best to eat the lowest on the food chain possible, because the nutrients are the most bioavailable. Your body will absorb every bit of the omegas because of this! You can take 1,000mg of DHA from fish oil, but by the time your body processes it, it will be much less. You know that fishy burp you get when you take fish oil? That happens because your body is not able to convert it into a usable substance because of the way the formula was processed. It has most likely completely oxidized and can no longer be used by the body.

So try this amazing product, i know for a fact you will feel a difference! The sale only lasts for the next 24 hours so act now!




Fidgeting Around With Food July 10, 2012

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So i recently adopted 2 rats. One, who’s name is Edgar, he is an albino with one eye, and Fidget, a smaller guy with a few nubby toes. I have them on a very nice diet that consist of their choice of nutrient dense pellets or kale, watermelon, swiss chard, mango, goji, and a few other fruits. I also put Spirulina/chlorella in their water. They are very active happy rats.

A few days ago i began to incorporate rice into their feeding. I noticed that when i fed them the rice, they were at first unsure of it, but once they began to eat it they would run after it and devour it any time i put it in their cage! I began to think about rice. It is a starchy sugar. I know that our brains are wired to like sugar/starch, fat, and salt as a survival mechanism. (Today we have so much of these substances available it has become an addiction.)

I noticed that every time i fed them the rice, they would dig that out of the bottom of the food dish first, then go to the fruit second (more sugar) and then eat the greens last. This was very interesting to me as after they had consumed the sugar they wanted more sugar.

Last night my finance was eating some french fries (yuck) and i broke one up and put it into their food dish. I have never seen them eat something so fast. The little guy, fidget, actually ran up to edgar and stole a piece right from his mouth and ran and hid in his hammock and ate it. Shortly after i took them from their cage and set them on the coffee table to run around and play. They both snuggled up to each other and slept instead. This in incredibly weird, as they love to run around and explore.

This morning they did not wake up until 11am. They are normally up and ready by 6 or 7. I even changed their food, which they always come out for, but nothing. They didn’t even start moving from their potato coma until 11!  It is definitely back to raw fruits and veggies for these guys!

It is amazing to me how this clearly showed what happens to the body when we fill ourselves with starch, carbohydrates, and sugar. We crave more, go crazy on it, and then sleep it off the next day. We should be just as active and curious as these rats normally are, running around all day finding things to do and conquer, but instead most of us load up on comfort foods and put ourselves into this fog, and then sleep it off. Its no way to live!

Try fidgeting around with your own diet! Instead of that bagel you eat every morning, replace it with some fresh fruit like half a watermelon or 3 pears or apples. Maybe try a green smoothie! For lunch, instead of bread use a collard leaf for a wrap or a portobello mushroom for sandwich bread! Try snacking on some cucumbers with sea salt sprinkled on them instead of the bag of chips located in the machine at “F8” for 75cents. Any little adjustment you make will make a difference in the way you feel on a daily basis. Go with the flow! Move in one thing, get rid of another! Before you know it you will be eating healthy and feeling great!