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Goji’s Story December 14, 2010

As a young girl I never had an interest in health. In fact, you could say it was the exact opposite. For many years, I constantly pushed my body to its limits, seeing how much it could handle. I abused drugs and alcohol, and lived quite the destructive lifestyle.

After putting my life back together, and removing my destructive choices and behavior, I sought to heal. Not only did I seek to heal myself, but I wanted to heal others also.

I began researching healthy living and different dietary choices. The further and further I dug the more and more pure I was becoming, and my body was returning to the way it should be.

I quickly sought out courses to take on health, herbs, and healing. I currently have 7 certifications in nutrition, and am working at becoming a master herbalist.

The more and more knowledge that I receive, I deliver more and more to the public. I want to help all those that need it, and heal those who need healing. I struggled through many trials in my life, and it is my mission to help those going through rough waters, not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as well.

The amount of knowledge I have obtained over the years in health and mental health are all things I would like to share with others and use for the good. The experiences I have had in my life will be turned to the positive, and I will go on to be a positive influence to all of the lives I may come in contact with.

My nickname, Goji, is one that I obtained when I was working in a raw café that I started in NY. Many of the customers would come in with health concerns wishing to speak with me. I would always start off with handing them some Goji Berries, the most nutritionally dense fruit in the world. The Goji Berry has everything the body needs to begin to heal itself.  A particular customer began to call me Goji, not only because I always had them on me, but because I has provided her with information she needed to heal herself. It meant the world to me, and because of this, I have kept the name, and am mostly known as Goji.

My raw transformation has completely changed my life, and I want to spread the knowledge I have obtained with you, so that you too may also obtain ultimate health. This lifestyle will bring you to a new level, and allow a new outlook on your life. With high and stable energy levels and extreme mental clarity, your new look on life will be exciting and fulfilling.  The high vibrational energy that comes from a living foods lifestyle will bring you to a level of health and immunity that you will not experience in any other way. Through this lifestyle you will see that any ailments that you currently have will begin to disappear so that you can return back to the healthy, beautiful you. When you give your body the nutrients it needs to live, it will not just heal one issue, it will restore itself to the way it wants to be– healthy, vibrant, and full of life!!

As I continue on my journey, I would love to help you start yours! 100% raw is not for everyone, but any percent is better than zero! This is not a diet, or a way of restriction. This is an amazing, enchanting way of life! Be everything you have ever wanted to be, accomplish all that you have desired. You will never be the same again after you begin your transformation. Give it a try, I promise you wont regret it!

Infinite Love,



9 Responses to “Goji’s Story”

  1. I am impressed…. You are doing a good job. Much success in all you do
    I think I will try the Goji Berry soon , ~~~~ Health Stores??

  2. heather Says:


    You are phenomenal. I can’t wait to take my journey. I did my traveling around different parts if the world ….now I’m going to create a new way of life for myself. I will need your help to do it. Your website is great. Than you. For all your research and time and care you our into what you do.

  3. kristin Says:

    I have recently became interested in the raw food diet. I did a juice detox for 3 weeks and want to stay healthy. I could use some help in getting things started. Such as alternatives to what I eat now. We (my boyfriend and I) love mexican food. Lots of cheese and salsa and chips and sour cream. What can i do about a cheese alternative for tacos, etc? Also, it’s getting cold in NH, first major storm today. I don’t know how I am going to do raw and just cold foods. Is there anything I can do to get a little warmth in my belly?

    Thanks so much.

  4. aleahg87 Says:

    Wow! This is inspirational! I came across your blog while searching for information on energizing superfoods. I made my first green smoothie for breakfast this morning with spinach, banana, apple, and raw almond butter and almond milk. After reading your blog now I need kale! I’ve enjoyed your blog. You rock!

  5. Hannah Says:

    Great story, very proud of you. I wanted to thank you for helping me with starting my business. I hope that I can start to eat healthy, I know my body needs help.

  6. James Says:

    My girlfriend and I have just begun our raw foods journey (about 10 days now.) We decided to do so after doing a 30 day juice cleanse, feeling FANTASTIC, then moving to the Eat to Live vegan diet.. After about ten days on vegan, we both felt like the amazing energy and “high vibe” we felt on the cleanse was noticably dissapating. I had done a lot of research on raw foods and considered trying it “some time in the future”, but something came over me and I remember the moment when I looked at my girlfriend and said “I can’t put this off, I’m going raw NOW.” After a short (one day) detox (from vegan!) the feeling returned and I never want to go back! I love your story. My gf and I are both in recovery and now I feel like I am experiencing my “second recovery”-from cooked foods, no less! Who would have thunk. Thank you for your recipes!! They look incredible. Best to you, Goji!!

    • eyeofraw Says:

      Welcome to the wonderful world of raw! If you every need any help with ANYTHING at all, or even just a little encouragement, feel free to contact me! Good luck to you both on the incredible journey ahead!

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