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Fish out of Water September 17, 2013

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If you went to the beach and retrieved a fish from the water, and laid it upon the shore, the fish would surely die. It would not develop lungs that breath air, or learn to walk on its tail or hunt for its food. It would slowly and surely die.

We were created in nature. We walked the earth with our feet, bathed and drank the waters of the the earth, gathered our foods from the richest soil ever found, and respected Mother Nature and showed her so daily. We respected the animals, and they respected us. We breathed fresh air and saw beautiful greenery all around us. We took care of the earth, and it took care of us. It was our home.

We are now quite far from that. Like fishes out of water. We walk on pavement, breath in smog, our waters are polluted EVERYWHERE, from the streams to our faucet. The earth is now filled with the tallest buildings, where the color green is only seen sparingly between the cracks in the side walk. We have no language with animals, no language with creation. We only think of ourselves, not all as one.

I do not believe in chemical imbalances. I believe in a lack of nature. We are fish out of water. We have been taken from the environment we were meant to live in and slowly shown a new way of life. A life that we have labeled as “civilized”. Well this “civilized” lifestyle is aiding us in slowly dying. We are depressed, we have panic attacks, anxiety, ADD and other made up diagnosis and pills for all of them, to help preserve us in these places we were never meant to live. Lifestyles we were never supposed to have. The human race was not meant to live the way we do, and we are sick and slowly dying because of it.

We need to stop with the selfish mentality, and the thought that materialism leads to happiness. It doesn’t. There is nothing so much further from the truth. The earth will only sustain this behavior for so long. The next time we are feeling bouts of depression, or a panic attack coming on, maybe we should think of the fish out of water. Maybe we are just so far from where we should be, our bodies and minds are turning on us. Maybe it is saying “I need the earth, the green, the clean air. Put me back where I belong”.

I am not meaning to offend anyone by these statements if you struggle with any of these issues, as I too, have at one time. But stop and think how far removed we are from when we first came, and think of the fish out of water.

Mitakuye Oyasin


Reaching Your Goals and Overcoming Negativity June 26, 2012

We often hear of people telling us how we attract what we put out, and if “we put it out there, we shall receive it”, but how many of us actually listen to this and put it into action? Maybe we do for a few days, but then we let negativity take control and regress.

In order to be a strong individual, who accomplishes what they are set out to do, you can not simply just wish something to appear, or hope for the best. We do not live in a fairy tale land, wishes do not just happen. It is up to you to go out there and make it happen.

When you are in a negative mood, you attract thoughts of a similar nature, through the law of infinity. That is why it is so important to form thoughts of a success nature, to attract similar ones. It is a FACT that there are thought currents, and those currents attract thoughts of a similar nature. If you think negative, your life shall be negative. If you are determined to succeed, you will, simply because your thoughts are those of succeeding and those only.

I often hear people saying how “he has a lot of will power” when an individual accomplishes something that seemed to be extra difficult. There is no monopoly of will power. One person does not have more than the other. That person simply had the determination and used his will power. We all have the same amount, but it is up to the individual as to how much they choose to use it.

The mind is incredibly powerful. People tend to underestimate its capabilities. I have seen people think themselves into sickness, constantly either thinking they are sick or will get sick, and end up sick. I have seen people who have been told they have a disease, and within a week give themselves up to it, simply because they knew about it. Our minds have the power to produce physical manifestations, and it is only your decision what manifestations take place in your life.

The world is a negative place. There are negative things happening every day, and it is easy to get trapped into that. It is a vicious cycle. You must use your will power to keep only positive thoughts and determination. Your mind set should always be, “I will find the way or make one”. My whole life i have lived by this, and it has yet to fail me. When you decide you want to do something, set your mind to it and begin to accomplish it. There WILL be road blocks along the way. But when you are determined to get around them, you can continue with what you set out to do. If you were driving to a friends house and the road was blocked off, would you simply just turn around and go home? No, you would find an alternate route to reach the destination. That is how life works. You must use your own determination to overcome.

I know many of you start off thinking this way, for there are very few of us that start off negative, but after a period of time we allow our negative thoughts to consume us, and they prohibit us from accomplishing what we have set out to do. This shows weakness in the mind. A thought should not have control over you, but you should have control over your thoughts. It is you who forms them, and you who lets them get out of control. The next time a negative thought enters your mind, simply realize that you have control over that thought and can remove it from your mind, and replace it with a good one.

Here are some exercises that i do when i have a goal to reach. These have yet to fail me, and i know they will work for you too.

1. Make a List

  • buy a notebook that is your goal book. Write your main goal on the first page. Underneath it write smaller goals you must reach first in order to make the main goal come true. For example, it could be something like buying a new car. So underneath “Buy Corvette” you would write each step you would need to take to achieve it. things such as “Get Job that pays at least $25/hr, pay off credit card debt, sell current car” may all be things listed underneath it. It is a lot easier to look at a list of things you must do to reach your goal, so you can slowly check them off and see progression. It is no longer jumbled in your brain, but organized out onto paper. If you have many goals, write them each on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Every day do one thing that will get you closer to accomplishing one of your goals. At the end of the night write the date and what you did to get one step closer. You will see your progression out on paper and you will be able to see you are indeed moving closer to your goal, even when it may seem you are staying stagnant.

2. Daily “To-Do” List

  • Everyday make a list of things you want to accomplish that day. Do not go to bed that night until you have completed everything on that list. This may be a lot more challenging than you think. We all know our days never really go as planned, and things may come up, but those who are determined to complete that list will find a way to do so. The more frequently you do this the more your will to do will become stronger, and you will be a stronger person because of it.

3. Increase your concentration

  • Concentrate on the task you are executing, and only that task. If you are working, think only of work and nothing else. You will see that your day will be much more efficient and you will get a lot more accomplished this way. Many people say how they struggle with sleep. Well, when you are thinking about work when you are trying to sleep, you obviously will not sleep. When you are sleeping think about sleeping. Concentrate only on that. There is no excuse of “ADD” here. This label is simply used as an excuse for someone that does not have control over their concentration because they have not practiced it. How many of us pull up  the web browser, but when waiting for the site to load, pull up a new tab while waiting for the other to load? This is a lack of concentration, and not being able to only concentrate on what we were set out to do. For those of us that do this, try to not. You will see how much control you will gain over your thoughts, and how much more you will accomplish when you are giving something 100% of your attention instead of 80%.


  • Many of us tend to do as little as possible, or just enough to keep us comfortable. Do not be this way. Set out to do as much as you can, and you will get much further.


There are a few more that i could list, but start with these. Simplify your thoughts to what you are doing, and know you have control over them. What you put out WILL manifest, but not if you just sit there. You must take action and responsibility. Those who do will move forward, and those who do not will fall behind.


The Importance of DHA!!!! September 24, 2011

Omega 3s are widely being talked about. Finally, the importance of the substance is being addressed. Many people hear mostly about it here and there, being good for the heart and the blood. But Omega 3’s are for so much more, and it is most vital that we have them. Before I get into their importance, I would like to first address the 3 main types of Omega 3’s available, to ensure you know the difference.

a-linolenic acid- (ALA)   is a form of omega 3 found mostly in plant based foods such as Hemp seeds and flax seeds.  These are short chain fatty acids, and in order for the brain to use them they must be converted into long chain. Most people cannot make this conversion.



Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)-  is a precursor to DHA. It is found in mostly animal products such as fish. It is a short chain

Docosahexaeonic acid (DHA)-  is a long chain fatty acid that is most needed by the human body (along with EPA) This is what the majority of people are lacking and need. It plays an important role in signal transmission in the brain and nervous system. It is also important for the eyes… they are made of DHA! fatty acid and can be used by the brain.
Soooo what’s the big deal about omega 3’s? Well, first, as most of us hear they are great for the heart. Many studies have been done with EPA and DHA with cardiovascular disease and it has been shown that both play a major role in preventative care.  Most of these studies have shown that supplementation of DHA/EPA have significantly lowered high triglycerides (by 45%) and VLDL (by more than 50%).

Have bad eyesight? YOUR EYES ARE MADE OF DHA!

Brain function!! DHA plays a major role in brain function! Many people who have struggled with ADD/ADHD symptoms most of their life and have added DHA supplementation to their diet claim to have much better concentration and symptoms of the said above completely diminishing .

Your brain needs DHA for proper function.  If you are struggling with poor memory or other cognitive skills I would highly suggest a DHA supplement.

So where do we get out DHA from? Most people will tell you from fish/fish oil/krill oil. Fish oil his highly contaminated. With our polluted waters I would consider it dangerous and not worth it to put any kind of fish product into your body, especially on a daily basis. Fish oil is also not highly absorbable by the human body. You are going to need around 3g of fish oil per day to receive desired effects.

Lower on the food chain fall the krill. There are more krill on the planet than there are ants! Krill are tiny shrimp like organisms that live in algae. Krill are much cleaner and more absorbable by the human body, with an average dose of 1g per day for effective results.

Fish and krill DO NOT ACTUALLY PRODUCE DHA! So where do they get it? Well, the fish feed on the krill, and the krill feed on marine phytoplankton. The phytoplankton is the main source of the DHA. When it comes to DHA you want the cleanest most bioavailable source, the one that is lowest on the food chain.

Marine Phytoplankton is the most bioavailable concentrated source of DHA. The average dose is only 300mg. I found an amazing product that is completely vegan called O-Mega-Zen3. After 3 days of taking this product I noticed my brain function enhance

 immensely! My memory, which I have struggled with due to past issues, has been functioning so much better! I wish I would havefound this product sooner. My father, who has been taking fish oils for years switched to this product when I informed him of my success and he made the switch to try it out. He too noticed a mega difference! I really recommend trying this product, its inexpensive and worth every penny! I know you will feel such a difference in your mental function! Try it for yourself! (click me!)