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Quick Oat-free Oatmeal February 9, 2012

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So i recently developed a sensitivity to oats so I need to lay off them for a while. I loved eating my superfood oatmeal every morning with goji, mulberries, goldenberries, and cacao nibs with sprouted oats, honey or maple syrup and cinnamon. Sounds great right? So this morning I came up with a new one that is oat free and thought i would share it with you!


-1 cup flax seed (ground or sprouted) or Chia seeds (i used half and half)

-1 apple diced

-2 tbs liquid coconut oil (i love coconut oil if you prefer 1 thats fine too)

-1 tbs almond butter

-Honey/Maple Syrup to taste/Agave


Place flax/chia, half of the apple, coconut oil, sweetener, and cinnamon in the food processor until mixed. Add in the rest of the apple so that it remains chunky through out. Add any superfoods you would like! The food processor is not necessary but mixes it really nice. This will keep you so full for a long time. Its a great way to start your day energized!


The Double Whammy April 28, 2011

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So im in the airport on my way to colorado. My bakpack is loaded with Goji, Chocolate, and seaweed. I loaded up on the megahydrate this morning so i wont need to consume bottled flouride liquid. I look around at my surroundings to see what others are eating for breakfast as I munch on my apple.
This is what I see.

The high fructose corn syrup double whammy!

Chocolate muffin and chocolate milk….

Imagine starting your day on 100% sugar… a lot of us do. This is why we crash! This is why diabetes ia running rampid! Imagine starting your day eating the best food you can get your hands on… completely unprocessed and living! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!
I know I would rather be an apple than a muffin. Or a Goji berry over HFCS…. What would you rather be?

I will be updating posts my whole trip.. especially on the drive back to NY!


Pancakes with blueberry syrup! April 15, 2010

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these are also heavenly. super filling it took me a while to eat 2 of them!


1 cup soaked nuts

-3 or 4 soaked dates

– 1/4-1/2 cup flax seeds

– leftover veggie/fruit  pulp from juice. (use sweet ones like apples, carrots, pineapple, etc. i bet coconut would rock!)

put all in FP and form into patties. Place in dehydrator for 8-12 hours at 105. time will vary depending how big and thick/thin they are.

Blueberry Syrup

-5 soaked dates

– fresh blueberries (i bet strawberry.. or mango would be amazing!)

put in FP until liquid. add some of the date water to thin it out. After this sits it gets more stiff, so im trying to come up with a way to make this not happen. Add a little bit of Brown rice syrup to make it a little sweeter if necessary.


Strawberry Cream Cheese!

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this is the best cream cheese i have ever consumed. better than the “real” stuff. (i use quotations because i cant consider processed garbage real)


-2 cups cashews

– 2 tbs EVOO

-1/4c Lemon juice

-fresh strawberries


put everything in FP and slowly add water until desired consistency!


BAGELS and CREAM CHEESE!!! April 6, 2010

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these are so jam packed with fiber, i could hardly finish one! soooo good!



-3/4 cup sunflower seeds

-1/3 cup flax seeds

-1/4 of a  chopped red onion (or less if your not a fan of onion!)

– a minced garlic clove

– water

-seasonings (i used garlic powder and some dill, and also added some poppy and sesame seeds!)

-place the first 2 ingredients into the FP until a powder is formed.  i added a little more flax after so there would be whole ones in the dough. Add the  spices, onion, and garlic and pulse it a few times so it is evenly spread throughout the mixture. slowly add a little bit of water until you get a very sticky dough.  form patties and poke a whole in the center! Place on mesh dehydrator trays and put in dehydrator 105 degrees. time will depend on how crunchy you like your bagels and how thick you made them. mine were pretty thick and i like them crispy so they were in the for a little over 12 hours.

Cream Cheese:

-2 cups cashews

-3 tbspn Olive oil

-1/4 cup lemon juice

– water

– scallions (thats what i like in my cream cheese.. and whatever you want.. i bet strawberries would be awesomeee!)

-Put all ingredients in FP except water. After a minute, add water until you reach your desired consistency!


Simple Banana Breakfast March 30, 2010

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This may sound too simple to be good, but it is great! i eat this almost every morning (when im not rushing out the door)


– 1 banana

– handful of your favorite nuts. (for this particular recipe i like walnuts)

-sun butter or almond butter (i like both)


-liquid sweetener. i use maple syrup or brown rice syrup (even though it isnt raw.)

Cut up the banana into slices and put in bowl. Add 2 tbspn of the almond butter.

break up your nuts into pieces and throw on top.

add a little bit of syrup. sprinkle cinnamon on top and mix together.

Yup, that easy and very tasty!  it is filling and will hold you over until lunch!


Day 3 with Vitamix: Green Smoothies March 25, 2010

So I’m sure you have heard a lot about the Green Smoothie Craze.  Everyone is talking about “Drink your greens!”  But why?

My mother introduced me to green smoothies about 2 years ago. At my first glance, my response was “get that out of my face” after first taste, i was sold! I couldn’t believe the green sludge i was drinking tasted liked a fruit smoothie. So whats the point of drinking green sludge? A lot. We should be drinking at least 2 cups of liquid greens a day. When you drink them, the nutrients and fiber and everything else in them go directly into the intestines since there is no need for them to be broken down in the stomach- the blender did it for you. This will allow your body to “clean out” fairly easy. Also, the major amount of nutrients will be easily absorbed into the body and quickly. This is where the Vitamix steps in. The blenders high speed awesomely sharp blades break down all of the fibers and release the nutrients that your body tries so hard to break down. These blades do something your teeth can not do.

My Morning Smoothie:

Hand full of Kale

Hand full of Spinach

1 Banana

1 Apple

a little bit of mixed frozen berries (this makes is nice and cold)

Sometimes i add a super food powder as well! this is a great way to drink a SUPER smoothie!

I blend on Variable 1, quickly moving up to 10 and let it mix for a minute. For a thicker smoothie i move it up to high once i reach 10 and let it sit on that setting for a bit. For a more juice type drink, i use no frozen fruits, only fresh.

The sugars in the fruit will always over powers the taste of vegetables. Having the greens in there will also help prevent a blood sugar spike from eating so much fruit. (This is not a statement made for diabetics) Fruits are high in sugars, especially bananas, but the greens help to balance that out with their fiber and protein!

What is your favorite green drink? Please share i would love to try!


Cream Cheese March 24, 2010

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Found this recipe online a while ago.. a must for those who miss their morning bagels and cream cheese!

-2 cups cashews

-3 tbspn Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– 1/4 cup lemon juice (this will cut back the sweetness of the cashews)


-your choice of flavoring! I like chives 🙂

mix all ingredients in food processor, adding water slowly, little at a time, until desired thickness is created! Spread on your favorite raw bagel!


“Oatmeal” March 23, 2010

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this is what i ate this morning for breakfast. it was real good without a heavy feeling. its real simple.



-2 tbspn flaxseed (grind up)

-2 tbspn almond butter

-3 dates

Cut up apple and dates and place in food processor. chop up very fine. add almond butter… try not to purée it. put mixture in a bowl with the ground up flax seed and mix together.