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Question and Answers Video April 18, 2013

For the last week or so I have been asking people to send in questions they want answered! I took the top 3: What to do to get ready for spring/summer, How to live minimally, and How Raw Foods Heal the Body.



Karmic Confessions July 3, 2012

I would like to share this story  with all of my readers, and all who wish to read. I believe that i can not truly move on from this experience unless I write it out and share it, so that someone may benefit from it. This is the only way to turn this experience, full of negative karmic energy, into a positive one.

A short time ago, at the height of my awakening, i met an individual who’s negative karmic energy was pouring off them. I am incredibly kind hearted, and wanted to help this person, so began to spend some time with them. This person drank, smoked, had a very negative outlook on life, and ate the most negative karma foods you could think of. I felt that since my being is so positive and light, that it may help to counteract the heavy weight this person carried. I was terribly wrong.

The negative energy this person gave off began to chip away at my flamboyant spirit and i myself began to grow somewhat dull. Looking back at this time, i realized that during that time i was attracted to eating more negative karma foods such as nuts and seeds. Negative situations began to pop up in my life and i felt myself to begin to loose the awakening i had came to. This went on for some time, and old habits started to fall back into my life. There were things i was doing that i would never have dreamed of just months prior, such as drinking wine and eating corn chips!  I not only was attracting negativity into my life, but putting negative things into my body! This brought my esoteric self way down from where it was, in an incredibly short period of time. I felt my “high” begin to dwindle, and my light growing dull.

I knew that i needed to let go of this negative being, and needed to set myself free of this entity. And so I did. I will admit, even though over a year later, I am not 100% myself physically or spiritually. It is not until These last few months that i have truly been able to build myself back to where i was.

I, however, do not feel 100%. I am not the me i was. My spirit still feels slightly heavy, and i can feel the “pockets” of negative energy stored within my spirit.

The first step in letting go of this energy is sharing it with you all, and hoping that someone may gain information from it.

The second step I am taking is a 2 week long super cleanse, which i will be blogging about with videos and writings. My fiancé will be accompanying me through this journey, as he too will be cleansing negative food karma as well as old experiences from his spiritual self.

Please know, that some negative energies you can not tackle no matter how positive you are. Never let anyone dim your light, or listen to others when you know truly what is right. Always let the spirit guide you. Look and listen for signs of what you should and should not be doing. Do not ignore them simply because you do not want to accept what they are telling you. Love yourself and others, and keep yourself clean of those things that will hinder your being from developing into the full potential you are truly capable of.


PARASITE MADNESS!!! January 9, 2012

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So its that time of year where we are all cleansing and ridding our bodies of last years toxins! My number one cleansing tip to you is to DRINK A TON OF WATER! Most people are very dehydrated, and if your cells do not have the proper amounts of water they have no way of flushing out… you will be keeping all those toxins inside!

Besides flushing out our bodies, we need to kill parasites as well. Parasites are little worm like creatures that live in your digestive system. They eat your food and cause major havoc in your body. Symptoms of parasites are:

-Cravings for white bread, flour, and sugar

-Cloudy mind


– Never feeling full

-Always hungry

-Waking up around 2 or 3 am and feeling scratchy (this is when they are laying eggs)


So how do we get rid of them? Its easy. Just follow this recipe!


Wormwood (loose herb)

Cloves (not ground)

-Black Walnut Tincture

-1 qt Purified or Spring Water


Brew 2 tablespoons of wormwood and 1 tablespoon of cloves in 1 quart of water. Steep it for 20 minutes and strain. Add 3 drops of Black Walnut Tincture.

Day 1: Drink 2 cups of tea

Day 2: Drink 3 cups of tea

Day 3-6: Drink 4 cups of tea (one full quart)

It is important to not miss a cup, and it does not need to be drank all in one sitting. It is quite bitter, but DO NOT add sweetener!

You should see parasite coming out by the second or third day, they will look like corn, grains of rice, or worms. You can drink a cup of this tea once a week for maintenance or drink a few drops of black walnut twice a week.

To read more on parasites check out this website! http://www.colonlove.com/Body-Cleanse_ep_38.html#parasites