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12 Days of Superfood Christmas: Day Eight– 8 Coconuts a-Milkin! December 21, 2010

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I loveeee coconuts!!! There is nothing better than a fresh batch of coconut water… I love cracking one open on a hot day, sticking in a bamboo straw and kickin’ back! Its the most refreshing feeling in the world, you can feel it penetrating every cell in your body!! In Sanskirt, coconut trees are called “kalpa vriksha” which means “The tree that supplies all that is needed to live” Coconut water is the universal donor– it is almost identical to plasma in the human body. In WWII they used it for blood transfusions!! Chlorophyll, being almost identical to hemoglobin, and coconut water being almost identical to plasma.. put the two together and its like cleaning your blood out– giving yourself a transfusion!!


  • rejuvenate tissue damage
  • increase breast milk production
  • improves nervous system function
  • restore male reproduction fluids
  • improve digestion
  • has cooling effects on the body
  • can ve used topically to help prevent rashes
  • great and improving muscle growth
  • completely rehydrates!
  • Contains a TON of electrolytes
  • amazing for those involved in sports
  • helps form healthy cholesterol in the liver
  • supports heart health
  • helps create healthy hormones
  • precursor to pregnenolone
  • helps get rid of hydrogenated oils
  • increases metabolism
  • is a polar opposite of omega 3, so when used together an explosion occurs and it doubles the effect!
  • Coconut oil contains the most lauric acid of any plant source
  • antiviral
  • anti fungal
  • anti microbial
  • improves blood sugar utilization… will prevent spiking
  • is 90% raw saturated fat– talk about brain power! These are medium chain fats that the body actually uses! (unlike animal based fat, which are long chain)
  • helps with urinary tract infections
  • helps with kidney stones
  • great for the thyroid!

Try adding some coconut oil to a smoothie in the morning, and see how long you will be able to go with out eating again! The coconut oil will help you keep stabilized blood sugar for longer periods of time! I always make sure i add it to smoothies when i’m traveling, since stopping along the road is not an option!



RAW VEGAN CUPCAKES!!!! March 27, 2010

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Yes! RAW Cupcakes!!  These are sooo good! i found the recipe here >>  http://bit.ly/bUuLdP   i tweeked mine a bit.

it took a while to get the frosting right… a few times it was a little too watery so i added more coconut pulp and let it sit in the fridge. makes about 5 cupcakes.


-2 cups of walnuts

-7 dates

-1/4 cup cacao powder

-2 tspn melted coconut oil

-2 tspn vanilla

-pinch sea salt

put coconut oil, nuts, dates and coconut oil into food processor and mix until mixture is sticking. Add the vanilla, almond, and salt and mix again. Shape the “dough” in cupcake holders.

ingredients for icing

1 cup coconut pulp

-1/2 cup agave

-1/4 cup coconut water

-1/2 tspn vanilla dash of sea salt.

-1 tspn coconut oil or cacao butter

mix in blender really well. add more pulp if it is water, and then let sit in fridge for 20 mins. Put in a ziplock bag and push to corner. Cut the tip and decorate!