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Fish out of Water September 17, 2013

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If you went to the beach and retrieved a fish from the water, and laid it upon the shore, the fish would surely die. It would not develop lungs that breath air, or learn to walk on its tail or hunt for its food. It would slowly and surely die.

We were created in nature. We walked the earth with our feet, bathed and drank the waters of the the earth, gathered our foods from the richest soil ever found, and respected Mother Nature and showed her so daily. We respected the animals, and they respected us. We breathed fresh air and saw beautiful greenery all around us. We took care of the earth, and it took care of us. It was our home.

We are now quite far from that. Like fishes out of water. We walk on pavement, breath in smog, our waters are polluted EVERYWHERE, from the streams to our faucet. The earth is now filled with the tallest buildings, where the color green is only seen sparingly between the cracks in the side walk. We have no language with animals, no language with creation. We only think of ourselves, not all as one.

I do not believe in chemical imbalances. I believe in a lack of nature. We are fish out of water. We have been taken from the environment we were meant to live in and slowly shown a new way of life. A life that we have labeled as “civilized”. Well this “civilized” lifestyle is aiding us in slowly dying. We are depressed, we have panic attacks, anxiety, ADD and other made up diagnosis and pills for all of them, to help preserve us in these places we were never meant to live. Lifestyles we were never supposed to have. The human race was not meant to live the way we do, and we are sick and slowly dying because of it.

We need to stop with the selfish mentality, and the thought that materialism leads to happiness. It doesn’t. There is nothing so much further from the truth. The earth will only sustain this behavior for so long. The next time we are feeling bouts of depression, or a panic attack coming on, maybe we should think of the fish out of water. Maybe we are just so far from where we should be, our bodies and minds are turning on us. Maybe it is saying “I need the earth, the green, the clean air. Put me back where I belong”.

I am not meaning to offend anyone by these statements if you struggle with any of these issues, as I too, have at one time. But stop and think how far removed we are from when we first came, and think of the fish out of water.

Mitakuye Oyasin


Trashed. April 15, 2011

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So late last night as i started my journey down the desolate road i call home, i noticed something in the middle of the road. I turned my high beams on to make sure it was not an animal friend and to see what it was. It was no animal friend, but a McDonald’s paper bag. As i continued to drive i came to a halt to a hamburger wrapper skipping across the road.  A little further down lay a large fry box. As i continued down the road, the last part of the puzzle was complete. The supersized beverage container. I was incredibly sad that someone could just drive down a beautiful road– or any road in that matter– and just throw trash out the window as they were done consuming what it once was holding. What kind of person has no respect for the earth like this?

And that got me thinking.

What is the typical trash i see when i am driving? Fast food waste, beer cans, and plastic bags.

Then i thought a little deeper.

The people who are polluting the earth with this trash are also polluting their bodies with the contents of what was once inside these shells.

Could there be a correlation here?

Does trash food trash your mind? Does it bring you so far apart from nature that you become selfish and uncaring? Does it cloud your judgement to the point where as your eating in your car you just throw your trash at the window as you house down some factory farmed meat, lard soaked french fries, and HFC filled soda?

My answer is yes. These foods do cloud your mind, and your judgement. Eating something so highly processed DOES take you that much further from nature.

I have always been a fan of nature as a child, but it was not until i began eating how i do that i REALLY  felt that connection. First, when i started eliminating animal proteins from my diet, i noticed a stronger bond i formed with animals. Even to the point where when i am sitting in the park squirrels will come up to me and say hello.

When i then began to eliminate processed foods (those found in packages) i noticed myself becoming more and more aware of the earth. Walking barefoot was not just walking with out shoes, it was connecting with the earth and recharging my body. Feeling things being corrected, and the earth sending its energies through out with every step.

I began to realize– We are not the only living creatures. EVERYTHING around us is living and breathing. The ground we walk on is living and breathing. We just are all too clouded to notice.

My challenge to you:

For one week eliminate all processed foods. This means items you buy in the store packaged. Eating living fresh foods that are vibrant with color, and i promise, you will be too.  Realize how you feel after your meals and through out the day, and then go for a walk in the park. Notice the difference you feel by the end of the week. Your progress? Check your trash. If you have a lot of trash you can see how much trash you actually eat. During this week you should barely have any! The majority of it will be compost.

Push the fog out…

Let the dark clouds be lifted…

If you decide to try it, let us all know how it went!

(Photo taken from dofb.com)