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Raw Nachos! May 12, 2010

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These are so filling and so delicious!

Taco “Neat”

– 1 cup walnuts

– 1 packet ORGANIC taco seasoning packet

– 2 tbspn water

Put the nuts and seasoning into the FP and pulsate until chopped. Add the water and pulsate again until everything sticks together. be sure to not over blend.

Flax Chips

-1 bag of flax seed (whole)

-2.5 cups water


-any seasoning you would like

Grind half the bag of flax seeds and put in FP. Put the rest of the bag in whole, and add your seasonings.  Start the FP and slowly pour in water. It should get “gummy” and thick, like dough. Spread in a thin layer on teflex sheet and dehydrate 105 degrees for 12-15 hours. (time will vary depending on thickness.) Be sure to flip it off the teflex half way through.

Now, chop up your toppings! I used tomatoes, avocado, onions, spring greens, jalapeños, cilantro, and a dab of vegan sour cream. I also topped it off with some salsa verde. You can use some raw sour cream if you want it completely raw!