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Fruit! May 4, 2012

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I get many emails and questions regarding fruit consumption and how much is ok, or if it is even ok at all. Here are my answers.

Is fruit too high in sugar?

Yes and No. Some fruits are hybrid fruits or are cloned, so they can not reproduce on their own. The seeds found in these fruits can not sprout and grow into new trees. Many fruits in the grocery store are like this, including kiwis, bananas, seedless grapes, seedless cucumbers, seedless watermelon, and any other seedless fruit thats out there. These fruits are high in sugar and low in minerals, so it is a strong impact on the body as the sugars are mostly what is recognized by the body.

Most of the fruit in the supermarket is picked unripe, are shipped from all over, and have very low nutritional value. Find local fruits that are in season and eat those. These fruits will have proper minerals and your body will not get a shock of sugar when you eat it. You also should not have fruit as your main type of calorie. I eat fruit in between meals as snacks, or for breakfast. This provides me with energy, and is also consumed on an empty stomach for proper digestion.

Is there a certain time i should be eating fruit?

Mornings are great! It will provide your body with many living enzymes to get your body movin’ and groovin’! Having a snack of fruit in between meals is also great because you will provide your body with a nutritious energy boost!

Why should fruit be consumed on an empty stomach?

Fruit takes only 20-30 minutes to digest. If fruit is consumed with something that takes longer, such as a fat, it will digest first and sit in the stomach/small intestine until the rest is able to pass through. This will cause a fermentation in the digestive system. This will lead to gas, bloating, and an upset stomach. It will also create acidity, and we all know disease lingers in acid environments.

I have heard of the 3 day mono-diet fruit cleanse. Is it ok to eat that much fruit in 3 days?

I have done mono diets a few times, as they are a great way to empty the system out in a short period of time. They are completely safe to do, as long as you are not over eating fruit, or eating high sugar fruits. I usually choose apples because they are easy to take with me and eat, and they are high in fiber and pectin. It is important to remember that you cannot eat HUGE amounts of fruit all day long because you are hungry. It is important to drink plenty of water (i add lemon or trace minerals to help with cleansing) and eat a smaller amount of fruit. Listen to your body. You will know when to stop eating the fruit as you will be tired of it or it will begin to taste bad.

A great fast to try if you are having kidney issues is a watermelon fast. It is an extremely hydrating diet and will flush the kidneys out!
Is the 80/10/10 a safe diet?

In my personal opinion: No, especially not for long periods of time. Eating a diet that consists of 80% fruit that comes from the supermarket is unsafe due to the fact that it is mostly hybrid fruits and fruits high is sugar, under ripened and low in mineral content. Doing this diet for long periods of time will cause mineral depletion in the body and will cause insulin to constantly be on the rise. If you live in a place where you are able to eat  LARGE VARIETY of fruits that are grown LOCALLY, this may be ok if you are incorporating super food into your diet as well (like goji berries, noni berries, etc). Listen to your body. When your mood is unstable or you are not able to think clearly, something is wrong digestion wise.

Don’t be afraid of fruit, just eat the right kinds at the right time. Note that all fruit is not sweet! Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, okra, noni, goji, are all bitter fruits and great for the body. Fruit can be incredibly healing and have a lot to offer you. Try new fruits you have never had before! They all have a little something different from the other. ALWAYS listen to your body first. Remember, YOU are your own doctor! 


Apple Cinnamon Bread! May 4, 2010

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I love this bread!


-2 cups almonds

-1 cup flax seed

– 1/4 cup cinnamon (depending on how much cinnamon you like)

-2 apples (add more if you like a lot of apples!)


Put Almonds and flax seed into food processor until it is pretty ground up. Add cinnamon and apples, keeping the apple chunky is a nice addition. Slowly add water while apple is blending until it is a pretty watery texture. Spread on teflex sheet and dehydrate 105 degrees for 12 hours.