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Boycott New Chapter Poducts!! March 21, 2012

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This article was posted on Natural News’ website, http://www.naturalnews.com.  I wanted to repost and share it so that my readers may read it too, as i normally highly recommend New Chapter products.


(Natural News:) Procter & Gamble, the global corporate conglomerate that sells a vast array of consumer products containing cancer-causing chemicals and petroleum derivatives, is now the proud owner ofNew Chapter, one of the more promising nutritional supplement companies we’ve seen in a while. New Chapter co-founder Paul Schulick announced, “For us, this has been a dream come true. This is what we have been wanting to do since we started doing this 30 years ago. The world and the United States need this.” (http://www.reformer.com/ci_20194274/p-g-buys-new-chapter?source=most_…)

Really? The world needs global corporate giants to buy up all the natural product brands? Or maybe Paul Schulick just wanted to cash in on all the positive publicity organizations like NaturalNews have selflessly lent him over the years. This is one of the many companies we helped publicize and promote, only to see them sell out to corporate giants who routinely take over these companies, cheapen their product formulations, and exploit name recognition to intentionally mislead consumers into buying watered-down, reformulated products.

So now the same company that brings you Tide laundry detergent, Pringles potato chips, Dawn dishwashing soap, and Bounce dryer sheets (can you even think of a more offensive chemicallaundry product?) will be bringing you New Chapter supplements, too.

P&G is the very first corporation to bring youcanola oilunder the brand name “Puritan.” This was later merged into the Crisco brand of oils, which are all high omega-6 vegetable oils that, for decades, have been touted as being “healthy” even though now we know diets high in omega-6 oils promote cardiovascular inflammation.

It’s also the company that sellsPrilosecover-the-counter heartburn medicine, meaning P&G is also in thepharmaceuticalbusiness. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Procter_%26_Gamble_brands)

Oh, and guess who owns P&G? One of the top shareholders has been none other thanWarren Buffett(Berkshire Hathaway), who reportedly owns $4.8 billion in P&G stock (http://seekingalpha.com/article/294569-10-value-stock-picks-of-warren…).

So the next time you think about buying New Chapter supplements, think about your money going into Warren Buffett’s pocket.

The question now is: Will anybody buy New Chapter supplements now that they know Procter & Gamble and Warren Buffet are the corporate operators who own the company?

I sure won’t.

Monsanto and P&G = same institutional owners

Take a look at this: P&G’s top shareholder isVanguard, amutual fund. It’s second top shareholder isState Street Corporation. You can see this here:

Now take a look at the top owners of Monsanto:

You got it,they’re exactly the same!Vanguard and State Street.

P&G is also owned in large part bybailout banksterssuch as JP Morgan and Bank of America — the very banks who received trillions of dollars in bailout funds that will eventually have to be covered by American taxpayers.

Are you starting to connect the dots here? P&G is part of theglobal corporate elite. Look at its board members, shareholders and financial ties. This is a corporation that’s 100% tied in with the global elite, and now New Chapter has handed over its once-good name, brand and products to this global corporation steeped in chemical products and mass consumerism.

Just another sellout?

I’m disappointed in New Chapter and Paul Schulick. Here’s yet another case of someone who has sold out to the global power elite, apparently oblivious to where this will likely lead. P&G is essentially the Monsanto of the personal care products industry. It manufactures and markets a seemingly endless array of what most NaturalNews readers would call “junk products” made with chemical fillers, petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances and known carcinogens. It owns the Gillette brand, Duracell, Crest toothpaste (with fluoride, of course), Iams dog foods (GMO corn, anyone?), Pantene hair care products and a long list of others (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Procter_%26_Gamble_brands).

In the natural products industry, someone who announces they work for Procter & Gamble might as well announce they work for Satan himself. And now Paul Schulick has made a deal with that devil, it seems.

Of course, I’m sure Paul has justified it all to himself. The huge financial backing of P&G will allow New Chapter to “expand into more retail outlets,” he’s probably told himself. The deal will show P&G that natural products can be profitable! It will make nutrition mainstream! Yeah, right.

Such delusions are, of course, par for the course in this industry where the rule of thumb is thatglobal corporate giants usually buy health products companies for the sole purpose of running them into the ground. It’s not about making nutrition a success story for P&G, it’s about destroying a company that actually had a shot at growing into a billion-dollar firm.

The global corporate takeover of natural products companies

I happen to know that right now, across the natural products industry, small companies are being gobbled up by the likes of Monsanto, P&G, J&J and other giants. Sometimes it’s done out in the open like with New Chapter; other times it’s done secretly, behind closed doors, where men in suits plot to take over a company that was once a trusted brand name founded by someone who really cared about nutrition (Sunfood).

I know hundreds of founders of nutrition companies, and I’ve been informed about dozens of acquisitions and investment actions. I have never seen a success story of a nutrition company purchased by a large “global elite” corporation. These stories always have the same ending: The products get watered down, consumers shift their demand to a smaller, trusted company, and the financials of the once-great small company collapse. The big corporation ends up either shuttering it or whoring it out using the same brand name but replacing all the quality ingredients with crap filler and toxic chemicals. The only “winner” in these deals is usually the CEO who sold it, and possibly a few board members who also walk away with millions of dollars while their customers who made them great get left with nothing.

I’m actually getting sick of watching this pattern unfold, because time and time again I’ve seen companies that NaturalNews helped make famous end up selling out to corporate giants. Remember Larabar? That founder sold out to General Mills. Remember Burt’s Bees? Sold out to Clorox.

I know there are some good companies out there with their hearts in the right place. Boku Superfood is an honest shop, and I know that folks like Nutiva (John Roulac) and Ruth’s Hemp Foods will never sell out to corporate interests. Nor will Dr. Bronner’s. There are superstars in this industry who live by principle and who aren’t driven by profit alone, but those people are extremely rare.

Sadly, far too many people in the health products industry are just like people in the pharmaceutical industry: They’re greedy, selfish and ready to sell out once a sufficiently large financial offer comes along. It’s sad but true.

Warning to NN readers: Watch out for products and companies that change hands

NaturalNews has helped make millionaires in the industry.We promoted honest brands that later sold out to big corporations who changed their formulas and ingredients. In numerous cases, we would have to go back and modify old articles to take down our recommendations or warn consumers about the changes.

See, NaturalNews is one of the largest health news organizations on the planet, reaching literally millions of readers a month. Our publicizing of companies can, on record, turn them into an overnight success. What people do with that success, however, is a question of personal integrity, and as I said above, integrity is severely lacking in every quarter of society. As the editor of NaturalNews, I have become increasingly skeptical about everything — every company, every product, every CEO — because I know that many people are actively trying to get NaturalNews publicity so they can grow faster and sell out more quickly. And I refuse to knowingly be part of that.

Read product labels, folks!Even on products I might have recommended in the past. Companies change hands. Products change their formulations. For example, I used to recommend a vitamin company called Vitacost. Now they’re a totally different company under different ownership and different formulations.

Companies change hands. Brands change. Ethics are sometimes compromised in the name of profits. I’ve seen it countless times.

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/035312_New_Chapter_Proctor_and_Gamble_Monsanto.html#ixzz1pm7vbIYS


The Importance of Organics March 27, 2010

Thank you to all who took my poll yesterday! I have always wondered about how many people actually buy organic, and how often, and if they realize the benefits from doing so.

The results 6% of you said you ONLY eat organic food. thats incredible, i cant get them all year around so its tough. Seems like this would be possible if you had a garden.. or green house. (im jealous if you have a green house!) 35% of you said that you buy organics most of the time, 41% said some of the time, 18% of you said you cant afford it, and nobody said they didnt know what the heck organic meant, (i put that there because my grandma didnt know– nothing needed that label when she grew up).

So why is it important to eat organic? First, the amount of pesticides that are allowed to be sprayed. “Regular” crops are drenched in pesticides to keep off bugs and weeds. not only is this effecting our bodies, its effecting our environment. Because of the amount of pesticides being sprayed on the crops, some of them can not stand up to in and die. This is where Monsanto steps in with their Genetically Modified seeds. these seeds are modified so that they can stand up to the pesticide “round up”. Genetic modification is absolutely one of the most terrible things they have come out with yet. In some countries it is ban, and in some they require labeling saying “this is genetically modified.” Not here. We dont even need labels. In America they label calories instead of chemicals. GM has been linked to many diseases such as liver damage and kidney damage. GMO’s are every where we look. The GM corn is being fed to all of the animals, the animals themselves are GM…. its scary. 99% of the soy in the US in GM! 98% of Mangos. I would recommend watching the movie “Future of Food”. It explains this to the deepest extent, even how GMOs were invented. it is an absolute must see.

For those of you who can not afford it, its very understandable. They outrageously price organic foods and put an incredibly low price on food that are GM and those containing high fructose corn syrup and many other harmful chemicals. This is what is making America sick. I by all means do not make a lot of money, but i would much rather buy healthier foods than have a nice apartment or a nice pair of sneakers. Think about the amount of money people will spend on a pair of jeans. 100$, 200$? More? I would rather put that money in my stomach than on legs to show off to someone i am wearing a certain brand.

I would highly recommend you read a few articles that describe what GMOs are and what they do to your body. Some great ones can be found on Natural News.

Also, think before you use a microwave. It also GM your food. In a study done with 2 plants, one was given boiled water and the other microwaved water. At the end of 10 days, the plant drinking the microwaved water was completely dead. The microwave not only killed the nutrients in the water, It Genetically Modified it.

In another study, Pigs were given two food dishes, one filled with normal food, the other containing GM foods. Not one pig went for the GM foods. They would smell it and turn away. Animals by nature know it is bad for them, we should too. And now, they are being force fed this food, and so are we.

Check your labels. Buy organic.