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ANNOUNCEMENT! February 8, 2014

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I am SO incredibly THRILLED to make this announcement…..


I will be opening my own HEALTH STORE! This will be a place for EVERYONE to come no matter what your age, to get the best self healing products and methods. It will be a positive environment dedicated to YOUR health and wellness.

What will it contain?

  • ONLY Non-GMO Vitamins and Supplements
  • The Biggest Bulk Herb Collection in Naples
  • Organic Clothing
  • Top of the Line Beauty Care and Make Up
  • Specially Formulated Skin Care
  • Yoga Clothes made from Recycled plastic bottles! Mats as well
  • Healing Crystals
  • Essential Oils and Incense
  • Healing Mediation and Easy Listening CDs
  • Organic Bulk Teas
  • Healthy Non-GMO Snacks

All at REASONABLE prices!

We will have lectures, consultation services and more!

Check out the website, although not fully developed yet! www.GenesisNonGMO.com

My Facebook Fan Page name will be changed to: Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins&More

Follow on Facebook for updates and opening dates as well as events and special pre-opening discounts!

Also, if you are a local supplier… we support you! This is not limited to supplements only! Art, Clothing, Mugs, Jewelry, etc, please contact me if you are interested in selling your merchandise here!


Stay updated! See you soon!


Traveling As A Raw Foodist August 21, 2012

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Traveling raw is actually pretty easy! The main thing that should concern you is staying hydrated, as flying dehydrates you and there is no good water in the airports! I use Mega Hydrate, an amazing product that will ensure your hydration. I buy mine HERE. I start taking 3 a couple days before i am ready to leave and then take 6 or 7 the day of my trip! I stay hydrated the entire time!



Vegetarian Diets and Cancer by Jillian McKee June 25, 2012

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Jillian Mckee, a writer for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, contacted me and wanted to post an article she had recently written on vegetarian diets and cancer recovery. She has been studying nutrition and cancer and has concentrated in on a vegetarian lifestyle. Here is her article! Thanks Jillian!


The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet as an Adjunct to Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most difficult and sobering moments in anyone’s life. The anxiety, uncertainty, and prospect of lengthy and debilitating treatment are some of the worries a cancer victim may experience. However, each day new treatments are being discovered and survival rates continue to rise.

Any cancer patient, whether just diagnosed, in active treatment, or in remission, will look for lots of ways to improve their overall health. Things such as exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet are all excellent adjuncts to any treatment.

When considering a healthy diet, a vegetarian diet is an excellent choice for many reasons. To begin, fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat. Studies show that a diet, which is low in fat and high in fiber, can prevent certain types of cancers.

Since the low fat, high fiber nature of fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce the rates of various types of cancer; it certainly makes sense to eat a vegetarian diet when dealing with the disease. Simply eating a high fiber, low fat diet is a good idea in any situation and makes sense when dealing with something as devastating as cancer.

A vegetarian diet is also beneficial in helping to deal with many of the side effects involved in cancer treatment. Mesothelioma treatments and treatments for many other cancers are physically exhausting and can even cause other illnesses. It is important during this time to be able to maintain one’s strength and energy.

Fruits and vegetables have long been known to provide abundant energy. This is especially true of fruits, which provide a quick boost of energy in addition to other health benefits. Having the extra energy that a vegetarian diet provides may allow treatment to continue without the interruption that is sometimes necessary when a patient becomes too weak to continue therapy.

Aside from the important physical health benefits, there are also mental benefits. Many people dealing with cancer vow to fight the illness. There is no better way to fight a health threat than by making a change to a healthy diet. It signifies the ability to control part of one’s own recovery. It creates a positive sense of wellbeing in the knowledge that everything possible is being done to combat the cancer.

Another psychological benefit can be weight loss. It is known that overweight and obese individuals are at a higher risk for cancer. If an overweight person develops the disease, weight loss may be recommended. For those who need to shed pounds in order to assist in their recovery, a vegetarian diet is a perfect solution. Just seeing a healthier looking self and reaching a healthy weight can be elating and can help take the mind off of the sometimes arduous treatment.

But what about those who have completed their treatment and are in remission? While there may be a temptation to return to meats, staying vegetarian will not only provide the benefits already mentioned, but will be an excellent way to keep the immune system at peak performance. This will help with overall wellness but is especially important in cancer survivors, as their immune systems need to be operating at optimal levels to help prevent recurrence.

Doctors and other health professionals will do their best to help, but helping oneself by adopting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is perhaps the best adjunct treatment a cancer patient can use. It will provide a better quality of life, help with the side effects of treatment, and be a personal way to take the fight to this devastating illness.


Living Raw vs. Eating Raw June 23, 2012

Im sure your hear of a raw food diet quite often, and have friends that are switching over and eating raw. With that comes the people who state how they were once raw, but felt either “too restricted” or “it was too much work”. These are the people who EAT raw.

Then there are the people who LIVE raw. Living raw is so much more than what you eat and put in your mouth. LIVING RAW is doing just that—- every aspect of your life is raw.

When a person switches to a raw food “diet” just for the reason of loosing weight, or for a reason similar, that is most likely all they will get from it. When you make the shift to a raw lifestyle, everything shifts in your life. This does not happen to everyone who decides to go raw, it all depends on the reason for your shift and what you decide to get from it.

When i first began to shift, i noticed a blind fold fall off my eyes. My thoughts were more in order, and i began too see things as they were. You begin to notice and receive the energy people and things give off, and when they do not mesh with your own energy your feel the need to drop it. This scares a lot of people. I know of people that have ended incredibly long relationships because when the shift happen their eyes were open to truth.

When you shift, you begin to notice nature in a different way. You don’t see it. You feel it. You will walk past a tree and feel its energy. “Tree hugging” will be a more realistic term than ever! You will make a connection to plants like you have never had, you will be able to have conversations with animals, and when you touch the earth you will feel the energy pumping out of it. The connection with your food will change, and the connection with the people around you will. There was a time period in my life where i could not leave my home in the woods for more than an hour because i felt so out of touch in the city. Now, that i am forced to live on a busy street with no trees (only until october praise God) i noticed my own energy deplete and my connection to the earth start to diminish. It saddens me greatly, but soon i will be back to the normal me.

The people who make the shift raw are the ones that will stay this way. Those who just eat raw will most likely not.

I am asked all of the time if i feel restricted. My answer is always that i am in fact liberated, and have never felt so free. You see, i am not shackled to processed food, and i have no chains holding me down from be enlightened. My body and mind are pure, they are one. I have never felt “I can’t eat this because it is cooked”, when i see cooked vegetables, i see sad, dark colored vegetables who have had the beauty cooked out of them. I see no life, and do not want to put something sad and lifeless into my body because i myself do not want to feel that way. I have no desire to eat those particular items. I see processed, store bought, cooked foods as a chain, as a cloud, that will only keep me from soaring.

While some may understand this and some may not, when you are at the height of living raw, you feel as though you are soaring on eagles wings….high…free…. and never coming down. Eagles belong soaring free, not trapped in a cage.

I am writing this article because I want those who may be considering to live this life to think about it. Think about if you want to eat raw, or live raw. There is a huge difference. If you decide to live the life, know that major changes WILL happen, and you have to be ready for them. It may be hard to let some of these things go, but let it happen, and soar high.








Dieting: Health vs. Weight June 19, 2012

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Everyone has a certain diet that they are on, whether it be the SAD (standard american diet), a raw food diet, or whatever it may be, we all have a certain lifestyle choice that we choose.

It seems that most people have gotten away from what eating a healthy diet if for. We are supposed to be eating for our bodies, so that they come to life, feel great, and function properly. somewhere, in the midst of wanting what is only the best, we have gotten this obsession with weight. People seem to always be eating healthy just to loose weight and stay at a certain “ideal” number that they have in their head.

Health does not equal weight. everyone’s body has a different shape and size. It is important to first love your own body, and learn to do so through feeding it the proper things. How many of us wake up in the morning and weigh ourselves? Upon arising your fist thought should be “How do i feel today?” not “What number am I?” We should never identify ourselves as a number. And remember when asking yourself “how do I feel?” that FAT is not a feeling. Do you feel healthy? Are your joints working perfectly? Is your body aching? Are you clear minded? Eat towards feeling whole and healthy, not towards a number.

When we begin to shift our diets and concentrate only on weight, we can lose sight on why we are actually eating the way we are. It can actually become unhealthy as it adds stress into your life, and can actually cancel out the healthy foods you have been eating.

Don’t fall in the trap and try and fit in a cookie cutter image of a tiny person who wears extra small everything. Don’t go on a “diet” or eat healthy because you want to fit this image. Eat right because you love yourself, and you want to treat your body with respect. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”. Show off the curves you have. You are beautiful, and your beauty will never be ranked on what size pants you wear, or what number the scale tells you. Are you beautiful on the inside? If your organs were on the outside of your body would be be just as beautiful?

Beauty starts on the inside and works its way out. Don’t be obsessed with anything, including exercise. Only put in your body what is the best for it. Love every inch of you, and smile at yourself every day. The healthier relationship you have with yourself the healthy your body will become mentally and physically.



Eye of Raw: CAFE at Last! June 6, 2012

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Here it is, the amazing news!! I will finally have my dream cafe! A 100% raw, vegan, organic cafe where everyone can come to have a worry free meal! It will be here in Naples Florida, and has an aim-to-open date towards the end of November!
As I am working incredibly hard in making this dream come true, I have also launched a campaign to help raise money for the opening of the cafe. It is through Indiegogo.com. All proceeds whether it be $1 or $1,000, are amazingly appreciated and will entirely go towards the development of my dream!

Please click the link below and visit my fundraiser! Even if you are not able to donate, please spread the word! Every $1 Counts!

Thank you so much for your support over the years, and I hope I can continue to serve my community.

The cafe will be a welcoming place with worry free food, where everyone can come to enjoy amazing raw treats, super herbs and foods, and I will of course be holding weekly educational seminars! Help me spread the word on health!!

Click here to read more, or to donate! http://www.indiegogo.com/EyeOfRaw?c=home

Thanks again!

Infinite Love,



Improve Your Eyesight! May 18, 2012

So lately most of my time has been spent on my computer, either trying to finish up my book (coming soon!) or getting my online store together (coming even sooner!). We all know how bad computers can be for the eyesight, not just the fact that you are staring into a bright screen but because you are staring at something right in front of your face. This is the main reason our eyesight goes bad. Just like any other muscle, our eyes need exercise. If we are staring at something right in front of us all day long, our eyes get no exercise and they begin to weaken. We no longer take in the light as we should, and colors become dull and things get blurry. A few weeks ago, i began to realize how bad my eyesight was becoming because my eyes would become easily tired when reading, and i was often in need of my glasses when doing computer work or reading. Street signs were also becoming impossible to read. I did not like this one bit.

I started looking into the typical eye exercises and began to do them. I then was shopping at one of my favorite online raw food stores, and i saw pinhole sunglasses. I did some research on them and read some reviews and saw that people have had great success.

It has been only one week of using these constantly every day for 15-30 minutes, and i already notice a difference! My eyes are not becoming as tired as easily, and i am beginning to make out words better. I also noticed i do not need to hold a book right in front of my eyes to see the words. I am amazed by these and wanted to share them with you.

How the eye works:

-Light enters the cornea. The curved shape allows light to enter from different angles that concentrates into a beam of light that enters the pupil

-The pupil regulates the amount of light that enters into the eye, passing the beam of light to the lens

-The lens focuses the beam of light through the vitreous humor and onto the retina near the back of the eyeball.

-When it reaches the retina, it transmits the info to the optic nerve which sends the image to the brain.

Individuals with eye issues normally suffer with an eye lens that is too weak or a cornea or eyeball may be misshapen. When these issues are present, the light ray becomes focused in front or behind the retina, which forms an unfocused image on the retina itself.

How Pinhole glasses work:

-These glasses reduce the diversity of angles where light rays can enter the eyes, allowing only direct light rays with a narrow path to enter the cornea. You know how when you try to see more clearly and you squint your eyes? Its the same basic principle.

These glasses are truly amazing, and I’ve read of people on the verge of getting laser surgery whose eyesight completely improved to the point of not needed glasses.

If you are looking to ditch your eyeglasses and regain your eyesight, i suggest you try them out! They can be found HERE.


Upcoming May Health Series! April 26, 2012

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Eye Of Raw, LLC. Naples Center For Community Arts 12336 Tamiami Trail East Naples, Florida

Upcoming Health Series Schedule

Every Monday @ 6:30pm



  • April 23 – Video: Food Matters
    • Learn about the hidden secrets of our medical driven society, where pills come first and health comes last. Enjoy raw food samples from Chef Goji with a question and answer session. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

    • Come and enjoy a gathering of like minded people: where health comes first. Bring a Raw Vegan dish for entry and enjoy the presence of vibrant foods and great people!  Free Entry with Dish!  

  • May 7- Introductory to raw
    • Learn about a raw food lifestyle and its basics: Why to eat this way, how to do it, and what are its benefits. In this knowledge packed short seminar, a binder will be provided with handouts so that you may start your raw food binder of knowledge! Some easy recipes will be supplied as well as living food snacks. Learn why to LIVE LIFE RAW!


  • May 14- Bump up your meals!
    • Learn about easy things you can do every day to make your meals better and get the most out of meal time! Topics will be covered like how to make smoothies, what to add to salads, healthy desserts and much more! Again handouts will be provided for your binder as well as snacks made by Goji!
  • May 21- Super Food Madness!
    • We always hear about super foods, but what are they really? Enjoy a short seminar learning about different superfoods and how to use them, and how they can directly benefit you. Of course, try as you learn! This is a seminar you will not want to miss! Handouts and recipes will be provided.



  • May 28- Make your own raw food!
    • Learn about how to make a complete raw meal: Appetizer, Entrée, Sides, and Desserts. Instruction will be given by Goji in how to make the best tasting raw meal … made by you! Handouts will be provided for your binder as well as complete recipes. A list will be provided prior to event for food items you should bring with you.





Use This Coupon By May 28, 2012

For 20% off any consulting package offered by Goji, of Eye Of Raw.

Not valid with any other offer. Contact Goji at eyeofrawfoods@gmail.com

or by phone: (315) 569-3402 to schedule your appointment. Join EyeOfRawFoods.com for updates on events, health information, and more great services.


Should I be Eating 100% Raw? March 27, 2012

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I get asked this question almost on a daily basis. Many people come to me wanting to adapt a raw food lifestyle, but feel like they have to go 100% or they will not get the benefits of this way of life. They also have this idea that there are “rules” they must follow.

If there are rules to the way you eat, you should not be doing it.

My response to this question is always “How raw do YOU FEEL you should be?”

There are no rules to this way of life. When you start to bring in healthy foods you will automatically start to move out bad ones. The more raw foods you begin to eat, the better and better you will begin to feel. Your body will automatically begin to tell you to eat more and more of those foods. The healing your body will begin to go through will only make you want to include more raw and super foods into your diet. You should never feel restricted. If you are looking at a dish of pasta like you really want it, but are denying yourself because “you can only have raw foods”, you’re producing more stress on yourself, which will cause your health to deplete, the exact opposite of what you want. Eat the dish of pasta, you will feel the difference in your body afterwards and will most likely not return to eat it again.

It is never good to do something in absolute extreme, and there is no same rule for everyone. Where 100% raw may work for me, it may not work for you, and it is important to understand that. You should never feel restricted. A raw food lifestyle is completely liberating, and it should always feel that way.

Pay attention to what your body wants. Listen to it after you are done eating. Is it satisfied? Does it feel energized? The more in tune with your body you become, and connect with it as one, the more you will know what you should and should not be doing.


The Oz Factor December 14, 2011

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I really want to address the Oz factor.

People seem to have an infatuation with everything that comes out of Dr. Oz’s mouth and are quite quick to jump up and do what he says. Working in health food stores the last few years has been crazy, seeing how the crowds come trampling in to buy whatever is on his show. I can  not stress how dangerous this is.

The other day at work I noticed a plethora of people asking for brown seaweed. Here is how the conversations went:

Customer: I need brown seaweed.

Me: Ok, is there a specific one you are looking for?

Customer: Yes brown seaweed.

Me: well there are many types, kelp, kombu, is there a certain one you prefer?

Customer: I dont know

Me: What are the properties you are looking for?

Customer: I dont know

Me: Why are you seeking to take it?

Customer: It was on Dr. Oz

Me: Ok, what did he say it should be used for?

Customer: i dont know

I then had one customer tell me it was for radiation from Japan, and then another tell me it was for weightloss.

This is scary. This man is on TV, knowing society blindly follows the media without first educating themselves, and having them raid health food stores in search of products they are unsure why they are taking.

The truth is, they were looking for seaweed with high concentrations of fucoxanthin, a substance that helps activate the thyroid in people with a sluggish one. To use this as a weight loss tool is dangerous, as it can leave you with a hyperactive thyroid. If you were to take this supplement and have a normal functioning thyroid, you can really screw up your adrenal system. For so many people to be blindly taking this now really troubles me. Just because he is a doctor people will listen to everything he says, and sometimes it is not for the better.

I am begging you, please before you listen to what Dr. Oz, or for that matter ANYONE says about health please research it out yourself and make the decision on your own. Dont let someone else make the decision for you.