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VITAMIX! March 23, 2010

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So my vitamix has arrived today!  I am so excited, my RAW kitchen is complete! What is a Vitamix you ask? Only the best blender in the world! This blender makes it possible for raw foodies to eat hot things like soups and sauces and instantly make ice creams! its truly incredible.

The way the blade tears appart the fibers of the fruits and vegetables allows you to get the most out of your food. you can add fruits and vegetables whole.. yes, seeds, skins, cores, everything. This way you wont miss out on any nutrients!

How does it heat without cooking? The crazy super fast moving blades create friction, causing it to heat! This is perfect for the warm food lovers who are scared to go raw in fear of loosing their soups and sauces. You do have to be careful, because if you let it run long enough it will boil, and the food will be cooked.

Your probably wondering how something that heats something can make it frozen too. Well, using different speeds at certain times causes the blade to react differently with the food. you will also be using frozen fruits to make ice cream, and it will be the freshest ice cream you ever taste!

Im so excited! Tonight I am going to make soup and ice cream, just to try both functions!


Banana Ice Cream

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Another Super Simple Recipe!


3 frozen bananas

3 dates (having them soft by soaking  them may work out better)

1/2 cup almond milk

(Optional) Cacao or Vegan Carob Chips (carob is not raw)

(Optional) Walnuts

Put ingredients in food processor or Vitamix. (this will be a lot easier in a Vitamix, and less milk will be needed)

Blend and slowly add milk until desired consistency!

This will be the freshest icecream you have ever tasted!