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You Are What You Eat October 5, 2011

Today as I went for a hike with my dog, I sat in the woods and looked around me. The plants, the trees, the earth. Its the most beautiful thing ever to be. I started to think about my journey of raw foods, and about myself as a child, a teenager, and now as an adult. I have always had a connection with the earth, but not like I do now. I thought about my personality, and how it has changed and how it hasnt. What I noticed most was my change in attitude, temper, stress level and inner strength. Since being a raw foodist, I noticed that my stress levels have dropped drastically, my temper is non existent compared to what it was, my attitude is always positive, and my inner strength is as strong as it has ever been. I feel more spiritual than ever, almost the way I was as a small child. I truly believe all of this has come about due to my increase in raw plant foods and a decrease in flesh consumption. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Temper: When we think about where our flesh product comes from, most of us consume it from factory farms. We have to think of the animal we are consuming in order to better understand its emotion. When an animal is being tortured, fed the wrong food, and witnesses the death of its friends, it no doubt feels anger and resentment towards humans. If this does not seem possible to you I encourage you to watch videos of animals being slaughtered in front of one another, and you will see their reaction highly similar to that of humans, only difference being of course, animals do not speak the same language as us. When we then consume that animal, we are consuming all of the negativity inside that animal. We are consuming the DNA of another creature. It has now become a part of us. We must also take into consideration that the burger you are eating does not have the DNA of just one cow, but the DNA of up to 1,000. Consuming this much anger from many different animals has got to take a toll us in some way whether it be physical or emotional. When looking around the woods at all of the living trees and plants, taking in their beauty, and feeling their vibrations, it is great to think that I take on that positive high energy vibration.

Stress Level: Animals endure intense amounts of stress when they are being bred and slaughtered and therefore release a lot of cortisol into their system, which we then consume. Many people complain of their increased levels in cortisol from their own stress, but then proceed to consume more of it at their meals. Eating a diet rich in raw plant foods not only eliminates this factor, but also builds your stress defense shield. Foods such as Maca and Goji Berries do just that and increases your bodies ability to cope with stress.

Inner Strength: I feel the reason an individual becomes so much stronger on a plant based diet is the simple fact that it forces the body to create certain things. In other words, it forces it to problem solve and work. Yes, plant foods are much easier to digest, but look at it this way. When you put animal fat into your body, your body recognizes it as fat and processes it as fat. When you put  a plant fat into your body, since plants are so low in fat, your body must figure out what the fat is, where the fat is, how it van be utilized, and must use inner power to create the fat. Another example of this could be a caffeinated beverage. (Yes this is a plant source, but it will clear the subject). When one consumes caffeine, your Central Nervous System becomes stimulated. You begin to act quickly without having to put much thought behind your action because the caffeine is forcing you to do so. In a way it is making you lazy. The caffeine is doing all of the work. When you yourself decide to act quickly, steadily, and with high concentration, you take energy from your inner self to create that ability. It is making your inner self stronger. Also think about a plant. They absorb the sunlight and produce their own food themselves. The vibrational energy and cellular activity within a plant is incredibly high due to this fact alone. The reason we feel so energetic is not just based on the vitamin content of the plant, but also based on this fact. When plants are consumed just after being picked, you will notice a completely different type of strength and energy running through your body than if you were to pick it and eat it three days later.

Attitude: With stress levels at their minimum, my temper low, and inner strength high, of course my attitude towards life is going to be quite positive and uplifted.

I am in no way saying a plant based diet is for everyone. I am not asking you to change your diet to that of a plant based one. I will however ask you to think about the people you know who are on a high animal based diet, those on a medium, and those on a plant based diet. Compare them in the above attributes. Do the heavy meat eaters seem lazy with a lack of will power and negative attitudes? How do they compare to the individuals who only consume meat a few times a week. How about compared to those on a plant based diet?

Then do the final comparison: Those on a cooked plant diet vs. those on a raw plant diet.

Im sure your own findings will speak for themselves.