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Question and Answers Video April 18, 2013

For the last week or so I have been asking people to send in questions they want answered! I took the top 3: What to do to get ready for spring/summer, How to live minimally, and How Raw Foods Heal the Body.



Traveling As A Raw Foodist August 21, 2012

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Traveling raw is actually pretty easy! The main thing that should concern you is staying hydrated, as flying dehydrates you and there is no good water in the airports! I use Mega Hydrate, an amazing product that will ensure your hydration. I buy mine HERE. I start taking 3 a couple days before i am ready to leave and then take 6 or 7 the day of my trip! I stay hydrated the entire time!



Living Raw vs. Eating Raw June 23, 2012

Im sure your hear of a raw food diet quite often, and have friends that are switching over and eating raw. With that comes the people who state how they were once raw, but felt either “too restricted” or “it was too much work”. These are the people who EAT raw.

Then there are the people who LIVE raw. Living raw is so much more than what you eat and put in your mouth. LIVING RAW is doing just that—- every aspect of your life is raw.

When a person switches to a raw food “diet” just for the reason of loosing weight, or for a reason similar, that is most likely all they will get from it. When you make the shift to a raw lifestyle, everything shifts in your life. This does not happen to everyone who decides to go raw, it all depends on the reason for your shift and what you decide to get from it.

When i first began to shift, i noticed a blind fold fall off my eyes. My thoughts were more in order, and i began too see things as they were. You begin to notice and receive the energy people and things give off, and when they do not mesh with your own energy your feel the need to drop it. This scares a lot of people. I know of people that have ended incredibly long relationships because when the shift happen their eyes were open to truth.

When you shift, you begin to notice nature in a different way. You don’t see it. You feel it. You will walk past a tree and feel its energy. “Tree hugging” will be a more realistic term than ever! You will make a connection to plants like you have never had, you will be able to have conversations with animals, and when you touch the earth you will feel the energy pumping out of it. The connection with your food will change, and the connection with the people around you will. There was a time period in my life where i could not leave my home in the woods for more than an hour because i felt so out of touch in the city. Now, that i am forced to live on a busy street with no trees (only until october praise God) i noticed my own energy deplete and my connection to the earth start to diminish. It saddens me greatly, but soon i will be back to the normal me.

The people who make the shift raw are the ones that will stay this way. Those who just eat raw will most likely not.

I am asked all of the time if i feel restricted. My answer is always that i am in fact liberated, and have never felt so free. You see, i am not shackled to processed food, and i have no chains holding me down from be enlightened. My body and mind are pure, they are one. I have never felt “I can’t eat this because it is cooked”, when i see cooked vegetables, i see sad, dark colored vegetables who have had the beauty cooked out of them. I see no life, and do not want to put something sad and lifeless into my body because i myself do not want to feel that way. I have no desire to eat those particular items. I see processed, store bought, cooked foods as a chain, as a cloud, that will only keep me from soaring.

While some may understand this and some may not, when you are at the height of living raw, you feel as though you are soaring on eagles wings….high…free…. and never coming down. Eagles belong soaring free, not trapped in a cage.

I am writing this article because I want those who may be considering to live this life to think about it. Think about if you want to eat raw, or live raw. There is a huge difference. If you decide to live the life, know that major changes WILL happen, and you have to be ready for them. It may be hard to let some of these things go, but let it happen, and soar high.








VITAMIX! May 11, 2012

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The Vitamix. I would say that if my entire kitchen somehow burnt down because I used the oven for storage and my fiancé turned it on again, The Vitamix is the one appliance in the kitchen i would try to save.

I would have to say that this is the must have for any healthy kitchen. I can safely say that i use mine over 4 times per day.

Starting your morning with a green smoothie is one of the most amazing things you could do for your body. I used to start mine with a cup of coffee. For the past 3 years i have started it off with an energy packed, nutrient dense smoothie, much like the ones i post on this website. Getting Greens into your diet in liquid form like this is incredibly beneficial. When greens and super foods are broken down before they enter your body, it allows your digestive system to take a break. No hard work is being done. After it passes through your stomach, it can enter your small intestine for immediate and full nutrient absorption. No stress or strain is made. This is so vital for ultimate absorption and health!

Some of the most healthy desserts, soups, and sauces can be made. Most all of the recipes on this website require the use of this machine. I would say it is the best for anyone who wants to get healthy, be healthy, or simply lose weight. It is impossible to be unhealthy with this machine in your kitchen!

If you have a Vitamix, and are looking to do a smoothie fast for speedy weightless or ultimate deep body cleansing, contact me and we can set up your own personalized detoxification program!

If you need a Vitamix, visit the website HERE. Just for visiting through my site you will receive a $25 coupon code!

Now is the time to do some spring cleaning, start it off with the best smoothies ever!


My Raw Chef Delivery Service March 31, 2010

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ok guys, i have decided to take my passion public. I promote raw vegan eating so much, but may people have told me “they just don’t have the time”. Well, Worry no more! I have decided to come up with a complete menu, and will do a delivery service to those that would love to have raw goodness delivered to their house!! I am so excited for this. I do not have a complete price list made up yet, but will in the next few days. Please send emails to EyeOfRawFoods@gmail.com for more information and requests! (I am going to do this for just friends/family first, to try out my menu, as i do not yet have a permit.)

Eventually, this idea is going to be made into an actual restaurant, when the funds are right! Please feel free to comment once you try! i would love to have feedback on what to change and what to keep!

Remember, all of these recipes are Raw, Gluten Free, and Vegan!


The Most Amazing Raw Vegan Brownies in The WORLD!

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seriously, i have never had something so amazing in my life, i think i like these better than the cupcakes!

Bare with me on measurements, i never measure anything i always cook to taste (its the Italian in me). So use your judgement with my measurements! Makes 9 small brownies (believe me, these are so rich a small one is enough!) I found the base to this recipe online, and tweaked what i thought needed adjusting.



-2 cup Ground Pecans

-1 cup ground oat groats (optional)

-3/4 cups dates, soaked 2 hours (use 1 cup for a fudgier texture)

-1/4 cup cocao powder


-2 tbspn Coconut oil (dont melt it)

-1 avocado

-2 tbspn liquid sweetener

-1/4 cup cocao powder (this measurement is a pure guess, sorry. i just kept dumping it in until i got the chocolate flavor i wanted! use your own judgement!)

Start with the base.  Crush the nuts as fine as you can get them in food processor or dry blade on Vitamix. Add the cacao powder until it is evenly mixed. Start dropping in the dates one at a time until a dough like mixture is formed. Put this mixture in a brownie tray and form.

Mix the icing ingredients in a food processor. It will work best in a small one. I used a large one and everything kept getting plastered to the sides so it took forever. A blender would also work. Once it is mixed spread on top of the brownies and refrigerate for about 30 mins, or however long you can wait to eat them!

The recipe for this icing tastes like chocolate pudding, so you could even just make the icing and eat it as is! I tend to leave out the coconut oil when I do this.. Its soooo yummy!


Request Recipes Here! March 29, 2010

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Post any recipe request you want to see raw/vegan/gluten free!!! i will do my best to come up with something! i loveeee experimenting!


Raw Diet Biblically Correct? March 24, 2010

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So i found this link posted on twitter, and it was very informative. I read the bible almost every day and am very familiar with the story of Genesis. i never really put it into perspective like this. I did often have thoughts about how when Adam and Eve were in the garden, they only ate plants and they were obviously not cooked. This guy goes to the extent and explains everything. Now, I am not saying he is correct, because there are other passages that proves him wrong, but he does make sense.

I know that ever since i started raw i have had the energy of a five year old and feel great. thinking about meat or eggs or anything makes my stomach literally upset, and not just because of what happens in the process. All i do is crave fruits and vegetables, which i have never done in my entire life. I have also lost weight for the first time. Now, i never have weighed myself and have never cared at all, but i wanted to make sure this diet was going to make me drop below my set point* body weight by being mal nourished. In the first few weeks i dropped 10 lbs, but am still incredibly healthy. What this means, is that my body was not at the weight it wanted to be so my metabolism boosted when i was eating what my body needed.

*(set point body weight is the weight your body desires to be at, and will increase or decrease your metabolism to stay at this weight. this is precisely why extreme dieting is bad)

so enough blabber, heres a link to the video!