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Jalapeno Cashew “Cheeze” Sauce February 8, 2012

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Ok, ok… Dont be mad… I didnt take a picture… I ate it as soon as it was ready. Sorry. But you have to make this. Its seriously so simple and the best nut cheese ive ever made!


-2 cups soaked cashews

-2 tbs coconut aminos (or liquid aminos if you use soy)

-2 tbs or more nutritional yeast, depending on how cheesey you want it

– 1 med-lg jalapeno

Put all ingredients into Vitamix and add water until desired thickness forms. Use on its own with flax chips or add to the top of some raw nachos! Also great with veggies!!


Spicy Habenero Sauce December 6, 2011

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This is a great recipe to add to any mexican dish!

Ingredients :

-1 cup cashews
-1 tsp coconut aminos
-1 tbs chili powder
-1 clove garlic
-1 habenero, seeded
-1.5 tsp honey
-1 tsp Cajun seasoning
Salt to taste
Squeeze of lime
Optional: a few drops liquid smoke

Place all ingredients in blender with enough water to just cover them. Blend on high until creamy, adding more water as needed. Eat on sandwiches, tacos, nachos, or to dip veggies!


Potato Chips!!! April 11, 2010

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These are supper crunchy and fulfill my addiction to Kettle Chips!


4 potatoes



-Olive Oil or Hemp Oil



-Apple Cider Vinegar

Slice the potatoes with a mandolin on the thinnest blade.

Soak Potatoes for 2.5-3 hours

rinse well.

I divided up the chips in three bowls to make different flavors. The first bowl, which had the least amount (prob. 1 potato), i put ACV(1/4 cup), oil (3tbs), and salt (put a little extra, the potatoes absorb it) . The second bowl had oil, salt, and cayenne pepper, and the third had just oil and salt.

Put on mesh sheets in dehydrator at 105 degrees for 12 hours.

What i noticed, is that the chips with the ACV did not change a darker color, and the vinegar was not that noticeable in the taste. I think that to prevent discoloration it can be used in small amounts with out taste being left behind. if you want a salt and vinegar taste i would suggest adding more to the mixture.


Green Taco Sauce! March 25, 2010

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Super Super EASY!


– 1 quartered Tomatillo

– 1/4 purple onion

– 2 tbspn Lime

– Handful of cilantro

– Salt

put everything in a food processor until sauce is formed. Yup! Thats it!