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Green Lemonade Cleanse July 11, 2012

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Looking to start a cleanse to move some unwanted things from the body? Wanting to lose some excess weight? Here is an amazing cleanse to try! It is a way better choice over the master cleanse and you will feel amazing! Remember, when fasting the first 3 days are normally the hardest.

Something i forgot to mention in this video: Every morning try drinking some bentonite clay. This will help absorb all of the toxins your body is emitting and move it out. Also, drinking some senna tea, or “smooth move” tea will help to stimulate bowel movements, since no solid food is being consumed during the time of the fast.

Hope you all enjoy the video, don’t forget to check out my NEW youtube channel, where all future video lessons will be posted! http://www.youtube.com/EyeOfRawFoods






12 Days of Superfood Christmas: Day Eleven- 11oz of Spirulina! December 24, 2010

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i LOVE LOVE LOVE Spirulina!! Spirulina is another blue green algae, and is very similar to Chlorella. What separates them is the phycocyanin and chlorophyll content. Chlorella is higher in chlorophyll and Spirulina is higher in phycocyanin. Spirulina was the primary protein source in Mexico for over 5,000 years! it is 70% protein by weight!

  • Spirulina contains 18 amino acids, and all 8 of the essential ones.
  • best source of GLA
  • good source of nucleic acids
  • high in trace mineral
  • high in RNA/DNA
  • high in Polysaccharides
  • high in Vitamins A,B1,B2,B6 and E
  • Has as much iron as red meat
  • high in carotenoids
  • helps improve vision
  • amazing for immune system
  • great anti inflammatory
  • can help ADD/ADHD
  • contains sulfur, which helps with bones, joints, flexibility, and healthy hair and nails
  • Great source of GOOD calcium
  • can be used as vegan fertilizer!!
  • great source of antioxidants

I would highly suggest reading about the amazing benefits of phycocyanin, the blue pigment found in blue green algae. You will be pleased in what you find!!