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Traveling As A Raw Foodist August 21, 2012

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Traveling raw is actually pretty easy! The main thing that should concern you is staying hydrated, as flying dehydrates you and there is no good water in the airports! I use Mega Hydrate, an amazing product that will ensure your hydration. I buy mine HERE. I start taking 3 a couple days before i am ready to leave and then take 6 or 7 the day of my trip! I stay hydrated the entire time!



The Double Whammy April 28, 2011

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So im in the airport on my way to colorado. My bakpack is loaded with Goji, Chocolate, and seaweed. I loaded up on the megahydrate this morning so i wont need to consume bottled flouride liquid. I look around at my surroundings to see what others are eating for breakfast as I munch on my apple.
This is what I see.

The high fructose corn syrup double whammy!

Chocolate muffin and chocolate milk….

Imagine starting your day on 100% sugar… a lot of us do. This is why we crash! This is why diabetes ia running rampid! Imagine starting your day eating the best food you can get your hands on… completely unprocessed and living! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!
I know I would rather be an apple than a muffin. Or a Goji berry over HFCS…. What would you rather be?

I will be updating posts my whole trip.. especially on the drive back to NY!