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Green Lemonade Cleanse July 11, 2012

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Looking to start a cleanse to move some unwanted things from the body? Wanting to lose some excess weight? Here is an amazing cleanse to try! It is a way better choice over the master cleanse and you will feel amazing! Remember, when fasting the first 3 days are normally the hardest.

Something i forgot to mention in this video: Every morning try drinking some bentonite clay. This will help absorb all of the toxins your body is emitting and move it out. Also, drinking some senna tea, or “smooth move” tea will help to stimulate bowel movements, since no solid food is being consumed during the time of the fast.

Hope you all enjoy the video, don’t forget to check out my NEW youtube channel, where all future video lessons will be posted! http://www.youtube.com/EyeOfRawFoods






Raw Diet Biblically Correct? March 24, 2010

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So i found this link posted on twitter, and it was very informative. I read the bible almost every day and am very familiar with the story of Genesis. i never really put it into perspective like this. I did often have thoughts about how when Adam and Eve were in the garden, they only ate plants and they were obviously not cooked. This guy goes to the extent and explains everything. Now, I am not saying he is correct, because there are other passages that proves him wrong, but he does make sense.

I know that ever since i started raw i have had the energy of a five year old and feel great. thinking about meat or eggs or anything makes my stomach literally upset, and not just because of what happens in the process. All i do is crave fruits and vegetables, which i have never done in my entire life. I have also lost weight for the first time. Now, i never have weighed myself and have never cared at all, but i wanted to make sure this diet was going to make me drop below my set point* body weight by being mal nourished. In the first few weeks i dropped 10 lbs, but am still incredibly healthy. What this means, is that my body was not at the weight it wanted to be so my metabolism boosted when i was eating what my body needed.

*(set point body weight is the weight your body desires to be at, and will increase or decrease your metabolism to stay at this weight. this is precisely why extreme dieting is bad)

so enough blabber, heres a link to the video!