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Living Raw vs. Eating Raw June 23, 2012

Im sure your hear of a raw food diet quite often, and have friends that are switching over and eating raw. With that comes the people who state how they were once raw, but felt either “too restricted” or “it was too much work”. These are the people who EAT raw.

Then there are the people who LIVE raw. Living raw is so much more than what you eat and put in your mouth. LIVING RAW is doing just that—- every aspect of your life is raw.

When a person switches to a raw food “diet” just for the reason of loosing weight, or for a reason similar, that is most likely all they will get from it. When you make the shift to a raw lifestyle, everything shifts in your life. This does not happen to everyone who decides to go raw, it all depends on the reason for your shift and what you decide to get from it.

When i first began to shift, i noticed a blind fold fall off my eyes. My thoughts were more in order, and i began too see things as they were. You begin to notice and receive the energy people and things give off, and when they do not mesh with your own energy your feel the need to drop it. This scares a lot of people. I know of people that have ended incredibly long relationships because when the shift happen their eyes were open to truth.

When you shift, you begin to notice nature in a different way. You don’t see it. You feel it. You will walk past a tree and feel its energy. “Tree hugging” will be a more realistic term than ever! You will make a connection to plants like you have never had, you will be able to have conversations with animals, and when you touch the earth you will feel the energy pumping out of it. The connection with your food will change, and the connection with the people around you will. There was a time period in my life where i could not leave my home in the woods for more than an hour because i felt so out of touch in the city. Now, that i am forced to live on a busy street with no trees (only until october praise God) i noticed my own energy deplete and my connection to the earth start to diminish. It saddens me greatly, but soon i will be back to the normal me.

The people who make the shift raw are the ones that will stay this way. Those who just eat raw will most likely not.

I am asked all of the time if i feel restricted. My answer is always that i am in fact liberated, and have never felt so free. You see, i am not shackled to processed food, and i have no chains holding me down from be enlightened. My body and mind are pure, they are one. I have never felt “I can’t eat this because it is cooked”, when i see cooked vegetables, i see sad, dark colored vegetables who have had the beauty cooked out of them. I see no life, and do not want to put something sad and lifeless into my body because i myself do not want to feel that way. I have no desire to eat those particular items. I see processed, store bought, cooked foods as a chain, as a cloud, that will only keep me from soaring.

While some may understand this and some may not, when you are at the height of living raw, you feel as though you are soaring on eagles wings….high…free…. and never coming down. Eagles belong soaring free, not trapped in a cage.

I am writing this article because I want those who may be considering to live this life to think about it. Think about if you want to eat raw, or live raw. There is a huge difference. If you decide to live the life, know that major changes WILL happen, and you have to be ready for them. It may be hard to let some of these things go, but let it happen, and soar high.








Who Do You Take Advice From? February 14, 2012

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Stop for a minute. Think about who it is you take health advice from. Is it your doctor? An eating coach? Think about what this person looks like. Do they look healthy? Fit? Well put together?

On a daily basis I tell my clients: “Do not listen to ANYONE who is not obtaining results you want to see in yourself.

Time and time again I have people who come to me who are scared to take the next step because either their doctor or their health coach is telling them to do opposite of what I, or their own bodies, are telling them.

If you are going to a person because you want to lose weight, be fit, think clearer, and become more put together as a person, you have to first ask yourself: “Does the person I am listening to show these very things?”

I have to share this story with you:

My grandmother has a heart condition, and I have been telling her how to treat it for a year now. She is getting worse and worse, but  doesn’t listen to me because her doctor advises against what i have to say. I asked my grandmother what her heart doctor looked like. He is incredibly overweight. I asked her why she would take advice on her health from a man who was clearly very unhealthy.

Who are you taking your advice from? Are they vibrant and radiating? Are they healthy looking? Make sure you ask yourself this the next time you are listening to advice!


The Atkins Diet February 6, 2012

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So, i thought this diet had lost popularity, but more and more people are asking me about low carb eating and many people are still seeking this method of weight loss. I thought i would cover the topic and explain this diet more clearly.


            The Atkins Diet is a fad diet that swept the nation in the 1990’s. People were claiming to lose all sorts of weight very quickly and effectively. Atkins meal replacement bars hit the shelf and soon they had a line of pastas and bread mixes. When taking a further look into this plan, you see that the reason people are losing weight so rapidly is because the body is entering Ketosis, a condition where the body enters a fat burning state rather than its normal carbohydrate burning state, which will later be discussed. I went to the Atkins website to do some further research on their diet, what was allowed and not allowed, and what their phases contained.

The Atkins diet, developed by Dr. Atkins, (there is no information about Dr. Atkins on the website)  is a diet that causes rapid weight loss (with claims of up to 15lbs in two weeks) due to the restriction of carbohydrate and the increase of protein and fat. Our body runs off of burning carbohydrates, so when you severely limit their intake, your body has no choice than to burn another form of energy, in this case,  fat. This made me a bit weary as to the fact you are forcing your body to do something it was not meant to do. The mission for this diet just seems to give people the instant gratification that they look for in weight loss. Most of the claims on the website just say they will help you lose weight incredibly fast and keep you in a fat burning mode all of the time. Looking at this statement from a person with no knowledge of health terms they see: “I will be able to burn fat forever”, when actually this quote is saying “We will keep your body in ketosis.” This was the first thing on the website I noticed was a little off.

Upon entering the website you are asked to calculate your BMI. Mine was 23.17, which is average for my height and weight, however when I said I want to lose 10 more pounds, I was put into phase 2 or “OWL” (Ongoing Weight Loss) of the diet. There are four phases of the Atkins diet. Phase one is Induction, where you “kick start” weight loss with up to 15lbs the first two weeks. This is where you “turn your body into a fat burning machine” by limiting your diet to 20 net carbohydrate per day with unlimited amounts of protein and fat, with the encouragement of high fat foods are encouraged such as cream and cheese. Phase two, the one I was selected for is Ongoing Weight Loss, which limits your consumption of carbohydrates to 25g of net carbohydrate per day. During this phase you are now allowed to consume some nuts and seeds, some berries, some legumes, and some tomato and vegetable juices. Phase 3 is pre maintenance. You can move to this goal once you have only 10lbs left to lose. You are encouraged to add ten grams of carbohydrate every week or two, until you notice cravings or hunger returns then you are supposed to step it back ten grams. You are allowed to eat squash, peas and carrots, some whole grains, and some fruits. Phase 4 is Lifetime Maintenance. This is when you are at your goal weight and you now know how many carbohydrates your body can tolerate before becoming hungry or gain weight. The guidelines are the same as Phase 3.

The first thing i noticed is that there is no limit  on caloric intake listed anywhere on this site. I am in no way an advocate of counting calories, but when you are eating a diet so high in saturated fat it is not OK to consume endless amounts of calories as long as it is from animals.  The diet plan makes it seem as if you could eat 5,000 calories a day if you wanted as long as you do not go over your carbohydrate limit for your phase. Protein is the second factor. This diet completely goes over the top with protein. Some of their meal recipes have 50 grams of protein in one serving. With no limits on intake a person can be consuming a meal that high 3 times a day plus the protein offered in their snack bars! When it comes to fat, it is highly promoted. Foods that are incredibly high in fat are pushed. “Safe” snack recipes consists things like “Chocolate Butter cream” that have 8 tablespoons of butter and 19g of fat. Meals include recipes like Cheddar Bacon Soup (51g of fat) and Deep Fried kale (56.5g of fat). If an individual was to consume those two meals and that dessert they have consumed 126.5g of fat, and this does not include their last meal or snacks. This is incredibly high, especially since it is mostly saturated fat. Getting GOOD, HEALTHY fats is important. To eat a diet so high in artery clogging fat scares me to death!  When it comes to carbohydrates, the website seems to tell you to fear them. Limiting your fruit intake because fruit is “bad” just seems outrageous to me. Most fruit (except hybrid fruits–seedless ones) contain minerals and fiber essential to our well being. To completely cut out groups of food like this is insane (unless you have candida or another illness.) This diet also seems to be lacking in vitamins and minerals as well as variety. While the claims in the FAQ state that the diet does allow you to eat a variety, with such a limited list of foods you can consume there is no way this can be proved possible. Also, with the limitation of fruit and the small list of vegetables you are able to consume, and pretty much no grains in the beginning, there is going to be a severe lack of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function.

I would in no way EVER recommend this diet to anyone. To limit intake on fruits and vegetables but eat endless amounts of saturated fats and proteins seems incredibly unsafe and irrational. There is no balance to this diet. You are putting your body in an unnatural, dangerous state just to loose a couple pounds. Is it worth it?  I urge you, if you are considering this diet, to rethink it and research things such as ketosis before starting this diet.



Raw Diet Biblically Correct? March 24, 2010

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So i found this link posted on twitter, and it was very informative. I read the bible almost every day and am very familiar with the story of Genesis. i never really put it into perspective like this. I did often have thoughts about how when Adam and Eve were in the garden, they only ate plants and they were obviously not cooked. This guy goes to the extent and explains everything. Now, I am not saying he is correct, because there are other passages that proves him wrong, but he does make sense.

I know that ever since i started raw i have had the energy of a five year old and feel great. thinking about meat or eggs or anything makes my stomach literally upset, and not just because of what happens in the process. All i do is crave fruits and vegetables, which i have never done in my entire life. I have also lost weight for the first time. Now, i never have weighed myself and have never cared at all, but i wanted to make sure this diet was going to make me drop below my set point* body weight by being mal nourished. In the first few weeks i dropped 10 lbs, but am still incredibly healthy. What this means, is that my body was not at the weight it wanted to be so my metabolism boosted when i was eating what my body needed.

*(set point body weight is the weight your body desires to be at, and will increase or decrease your metabolism to stay at this weight. this is precisely why extreme dieting is bad)

so enough blabber, heres a link to the video!